#1 vs w00p| (2-2) by Vanquish 19.04.2014 22:02

.rC|: Vanquish, DamDam
w00p|: Redbull, Honor

They picked gothic, we got smacked throughout.

We picked werk, they got smacked at the start but some risky decisions and bad luck from our part allowed them to make the scoreline worryingly close. However we surged ahead once more and won.

For tiebreak they proposed shine and we accepted. We tied the tiebreak and I don't know what happens in such a scenario, so yeah. A combination of mistakes, miscommunication and a double spawngib by Redbull prevented us from securing victory, however our teamwork did have its merits as we were able to tie up a series of games vs players who on paper are stronger fraggers than us and also play the game far more frequently.

GGs, well played DamDam and w00p!

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