#1 [B Leagues Gold] vs 45 (11-11) by Vanquish 18.05.2014 15:42

.rC|: Vanquish, Hosta, Mystered
.45|: Chill, Robtics, Todesgurke

I know this game was played a while ago but I pretty much forgot to post it.

First round was atrocious. It was the first game back for most of us and we weren't warm at all. We were in bad positions the entire game and the server was a little laggy and it worked in favour of their more collected and synchronized style of play.

Second round was better - even if not perfect. We managed to avoid the loss and clutched the comeback tie. ggs, well played, good luck for the rest of the tourney!

#2 RE: [B Leagues Gold] vs 45 (11-11) by ZilliuM 18.05.2014 17:27


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