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#31 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by DrooL 23.09.2012 22:56


Errrverybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days...

I thought they were them xD

#32 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by BigGunZ 25.09.2012 08:19

Sorry i haven't caught much games with you all, except for xemi. I seem to be getting on just as everyone is done for the night. Here is my activity for the last week.

^Just testing, doubt anybody was playing seriously. Fun map.

^iceroad rework, definitely an improvement. Lots of sneaking going on.

^caught BoB on late at night. GG

DOOM is vermi, gg


disregard accuracy X)
I always forget to reset.

#33 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by 25.09.2012 11:57

gg's, :o

#34 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Vanquish 25.09.2012 16:50

Very nice games. I do apologize about leaving soon after you get on, but I have to wake up at 5am for sixth form ("college" to you Americans) during the weekdays, so unless I'm ill or have a day off it just isn't viable for me to stay up playing matches past midnight, I need my beauty rest. However during the weekends I'll make an extra effort to catch some games with you, from the screens you look very impressive, plus now I have my mouse acceleration problem fixed so maybe we could get some matches if you want. It's nice that you can at least play with Xemi/DrooL and possibly Zodiak however!

#35 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by 25.09.2012 19:41

Vanquish im so porud of you, whenever Im on now you dont go to sleep much gj.
@ontopic - The only problem is when Im all ready to go to sleep at like 12:00 or 11:00 sometimes 10:00, hes 3 hours behind so it still a bit hard for him to play with me. Please try your hardest to make time to play with us.

#36 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by BigGunZ 03.10.2012 08:06

Slow week, i've been tied up with RL a bit lately but still should have time to pop in at my usual times. Also, i've been having a lot of problems in-game with my mouse (and mousepad) to the point that it has been effecting my game. Just got a new mouse though (razer abyssus) and still getting used to it. I'll probably get a mousepad of some sort soon too.

Anyway, here are some screens!

#37 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Hosta 03.10.2012 19:35


Nice games ! :p

#38 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Vanquish 03.10.2012 22:57

Nice games, I feel for you about the mouse issue though. I hope your Abyssus works out for you, mice can be a total fucking pain when they defect. Even just adjusting to a new sensor (or two, in my case) can be really hard.

I'm quite busy with RL atm too, sorry I haven't been able to catch you much. Nice to see you still playing well anyway

#39 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by BigGunZ 12.10.2012 09:49


I know i need to play with you all and i'm just buying time posting screenshots

Some of these SS are not my best and are of me becoming accustom to my new mouse but i thought i'd post them anyway to show my activity.

#40 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Hosta 12.10.2012 10:20


You should stop playing with the GsF client .

Anyway Nice games

#41 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Vanquish 12.10.2012 16:16


It sucks I haven't been able to play much with you or even catch you on much. It's nice to see you're keeping active though, and from the screens it looks like you played well!

I really need to play a CM or something with you though before I vote, so I'll try and catch you on a bit later (although I'm very ill atm so I can't play too much, sorry!).

#42 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Vanquish 19.10.2012 20:42

I don't think I've played a single game with you in almost a month.

For an applicant I'd usually vote F2 after this time, but instead I'll just abstain from voting anything for a while - the reasons being, firstly that I personally think you're a great player, and a cool guy. Secondly, my internet is retarded. After suffering a 73 Mb/s drop in speed, my connection now also randomly drops when it feels like it, so if you're on it'll be my fault not yours that I'm not able to catch you for games. Hopefully I'll get this fixed and we can play soon.

In the meantime, GL for the rest of your app!

#43 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Shorty 20.10.2012 01:08

GunZ is a gun! Guys seriously love playing with this guy, he always owns and would represent rC well! GL GL GUNZZZ <3

#44 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by Feeng 25.10.2012 01:00

good luck buddy! this guy has good aim and has teamwork is good! he just improves better each day ahaha

#45 RE: Zeeble aka BigGunZ by 27.10.2012 22:35

I see you on a lot, but try to be on ts more.

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