#1 vs vaQ' (3-2) by Vanquish 25.05.2014 01:39


.rC|: Waffles, Deluxe, Rexus/Vanquish
vaQ': Star, cocoa, Advance

Well I actually fell asleep in my chair, and was awoken by the sound of people talking in ts (still had my headset on). Soooo I went to drugstore and found them playing a cw there. They picked forge and tied.

vaQ picked reissen and they won pretty convincingly. It was close at first, but they pulled away. After this game Rexus had to go so I subbed him.

We picked forgotten, and this time we won pretty convincingly. Much like the previous game, it was close at first, and we pulled away in the latter half.

Then they wanted to revote forge, so we played it. I think we played pretty well, even if one flag save I made was down to a lucky spawn.

ggs, well played rC's + vaQs

#2 RE: vs vaQ' (3-2) by Marti 25.05.2014 09:35


Why the fck are you people all on at 2:30 am lol

#3 RE: vs vaQ' (3-2) by Vanquish 25.05.2014 11:36


Ze holidays

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