#1 vs vaQ' (3-1) by Vanquish 26.05.2014 02:33

.rC|: Vanquish, Waffles, C4rma
vaQ': Star, cocoa, Advance

They picked forge, gg

They picked reissen. surprised we won, gg

We picked forgotten, we were tied the entire game until I made a sexy return in the last five seconds. gg

Then someone voted dust2 (idk who picked it), they were better. gg

After this, I had to go to the shop and Waffles' food came, so we left. ggs
And yes Marti, this is posted at 3:30am your time.

Oh, and finally, let us pray for our brother Waffles, who had to play these matches using his Steelseries Sensei. May his Logitech replacement come soon.

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