#1 vs vaQ' (4-4) by Vanquish 20.06.2014 22:36

.rC|: Joran, Waffles, Vanquish
vaQ': Fear, Star, hugohase

We picked dust2, we were baaad.

They picked reissen, we were baaaaaaaaaaaad.

We picked forge, we were okay, managing to bring it to a tie. But Fear made us look baaaaaaaaaaad.

Then we played what was probably the slowest game of forgotten I've ever played in my life. Nevertheless we somehow managed to pull ahead and keep the lead.

Then we played redemption, and we were down 6-1 at the start. I don't know how, but we managed to pull it back.

And then we played reissen again. Fear ragequit with 30 seconds remaining (he asked me to post this, I'm not being a bitch), and we were winning up until the last five seconds when someone's nadespam suspended my playermodel and knocked me off the edge of the map, leaving Waffles/Joran to defend alone vs the two remaining players. In the end we tied.

ggs. well played Joran, Waffles + vaQ!

#2 RE: vs vaQ' (4-4) by Fear 20.06.2014 23:43


ggs and sorry for the ragequit again!

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