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#1 Shieldybear Application by Shieldybear 14.07.2014 18:06


Your in-game name : Shield, Shieldybear, Brockle, Kevin

Your real name (optional) : Will

Your age : 19

Country and timezone : England

Can you speak fluent English?: Yes

Previous nicks/aliases : -

For how long have you been playing ? Since 2008

Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : NR, TyD, aG, LC.
-Left LC due to inactivity

Have you ever been blacklisted ? No

Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ? SMG, ac_urban

Why do you want to join our team ? You are an active, high skilled and friendly team. I'd love to reach my full potential.

Do you have TS3 and a mic? Yes

Did any members invite you to apply, or was this your idea? My idea, not sure if you guys are in an invite status at the moment

Any extra information ?
Screenshots showing your skill level : I've not taken a screenshot and many years, I hope its not an issue

#2 RE: Shieldybear Application by Vanquish 14.07.2014 18:12



#3 RE: Shieldybear Application by Honor 14.07.2014 19:01

good luck nabcake

#4 RE: Shieldybear Application by Marti 15.07.2014 00:26


Surprising vote by vanq


#5 RE: Shieldybear Application by Vanquish 15.07.2014 21:12

vs USA:

vs Sveark + Luck (no ts!):

Random games:


#6 RE: Shieldybear Application by 16.07.2014 19:32

Good Luck

#7 RE: Shieldybear Application by Shieldybear 20.07.2014 10:45


Just to let you know I am around quite a lot at the moment on TS for any games.

#8 RE: Shieldybear Application by Mystered 20.07.2014 12:33

Good luck

#9 RE: Shieldybear Application by 20.07.2014 13:54

Atm im at my mums and its really uncomfortable to play ac, So I dont. But if you are active, you should really ask us for games, whenever im at my actual house I am usually always down to play. Basically whenever you see a rC on just ask him for games, they will most likely say yes unless they are busy ofc.

#10 RE: Shieldybear Application by Vanquish 20.07.2014 14:14

I think the point he was trying to make is that he is on teamspeak daily and I'm the only one he sees. If he sees others they're usually afk. If necessary, I can provide TS logs that prove that Shield has connected to Teamspeak every day for the last two weeks [EDIT: except one day last week]. I couldn't do the same for anyone else in rC. :P

#11 RE: Shieldybear Application by 20.07.2014 17:11

Hmm, well I am always on as I said when I am at my house (coming back today). Though, Im sure if you just play some games will help your application and the ones who are busy can see that your making a effort. it doesnt necessarily have to be with a rC. But I am rather surprised that no other members have actually had a chance to play with you yet.

#12 RE: Shieldybear Application by Shieldybear 20.07.2014 17:57


I think something to consider is the overlap of the acwc which has taken some of my attention. I would say I play an inter/ match maybe once a day if not more but as I said i've not taken a screenshot in years :P I'm pretty patient however so i'll just wait until a chance arises to play with rC members so they can see how I actually play. Some screenshots can be misleading to an individuals true ability

#13 RE: Shieldybear Application by Vanquish 20.07.2014 22:53

We played a few more games recently.

Me/Shield/Legend vs w00p:

Me/Shield/Bunny vs w00p:

Me/Undead/Enam vs Shield/Chill/Xemi:

UK (Me/Shield/OpTic) vs miscellaneous others:

#14 RE: Shieldybear Application by Marti 20.07.2014 23:55


As you may or may not have seen on the acwc forum, im in the usa atm so i cant play

Will be back 2nd of august to play some games!

Guess a little patience is required

#15 RE: Shieldybear Application by Elite. 27.07.2014 08:59


Shield <3

I guess we find ourselves applicants again, even if we are applying to different clans this time.

Good luck man.

Hopefully we can catch some games

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