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#1 Pyras Application by Pyras 09.08.2014 19:45


Your in-game name : Pyras
Your real name (optional) : Luke
Your age : 22
Country and timezone : Japan, GMT+9
Can you speak fluent English?: Yes =)
Previous nicks/aliases : Many, but people know me as just pyras.
For how long have you been playing ?: Around 1.5〜2 Years.
Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : =MyS=, {BoB}, .rC|
Have you ever been blacklisted ?: No.
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ?:AR or nothing. AR all the way.
Why do you want to join our team ?: A wise man once told me that sometimes you will never appreciate what you have, until you lose it. I have strayed from .rC| at times, but I can't lie to myself. Having been in and around other clans, this is the clan and environment I feel must comfortable in. If I can't be in .rC|, I'd rather not be in a clan at all. I made a mistake in leaving .rC|, and it has been a decision that I have come to sorely regret. This is the only place I can picture myself, and hence I leave my application in your hands.
Do you have TS3 and a mic?: Yes <(^o^)<
Did any members invite you to apply, or was this your idea?: My own idea, although I did talk to Hosta and Vanquish extensively on the topic.
Any extra information ?: I know that I've had my share of arguments with DamDam, and have not made an effort to try to get to know many of you during my time here. A part of this was simply because I didn't really know many of you before I posted my first application here, and sort of just let nature take it's course. I want to rectify these flaws that I had as a past member of this clan. I will make an effort to mend my relationship with DamDam, and will also make my best effort in getting to know each and every one of you. I made a mistake. Even in gaming, I'm sure many of you has made some form of a mistake in the past as well. I ask for another chance, and hope that the members here will attempt to meet me halfway during the course of my application.
Screenshots showing your skill level : I'll post them as my application goes on.

#2 RE: Pyras Application by Vanquish 09.08.2014 22:19

Good luck!

#3 RE: Pyras Application by Hosta 09.08.2014 22:49


Good Luck Pyras !

#4 RE: Pyras Application by Marti 09.08.2014 23:02


Ac got active again or what so many apps this month

Goo' Luck

#5 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 10.08.2014 01:05


2 rounds of an inter we just played:
and thanks!

#6 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 10.08.2014 03:00


2-1 WIN vs Bunny & Chill
~Bunny played really well these games actually and it caused some problems for us. Chill was solid as ever although he got a lag flag after I hit him 6 times towards the end of sunset which made me rage a little xD. It was a tough test, but a win is a win.

#7 RE: Pyras Application by Shieldybear 10.08.2014 11:42


GL dude, sorry I wasn't a very good opponent last night, I was a tired man!

#8 RE: Pyras Application by Vanquish 10.08.2014 12:23

Same for me, nice games nonetheless :P

#9 RE: Pyras Application by 10.08.2014 13:43

I enjoyed the games we had yesterday, but the games against Bunny and Chill, were just a disaster you played really well, we would have won if I didnt fuck up constantly. On sunset we both didnt have a good start, they actually got like 4 flags ahead of us until we actually got back up and won it. gg's :p

#10 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 10.08.2014 14:40


thanks bros! one fam, eh?

np, win or lose doesn`t really matter as long as we had fun

#11 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 10.08.2014 17:50


Some Games:
~First game I did bad. Wasn`t warm. Towards the end I started getting tired, and lost my focus. Still, fun games I noticed that I tend to play better early evening. If I play late, I can only play 2-3 rounds before I`m burnt.

#12 RE: Pyras Application by Hosta 10.08.2014 18:39


Nice games !

#13 RE: Pyras Application by Fearles 10.08.2014 18:50


good luck!

#14 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 10.08.2014 19:53



[1-1] TIE vs. #STK with Goku & Endgame
~Was a mess tbh. We should have done better on gothic. No TS, and we were uncoordinated. We managed to win shine though, so GGs.

#15 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 11.08.2014 22:16


Edit by vanq:
And the game when Pyras got banned for 'speedhacking' by the anticheat. Here's the score before that:

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