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#16 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 17.08.2014 00:47


Hello, I haven`t posted in a while so I`ll post all 4 rounds I played today:

1st pick: INGRESS~ It was a tough match, my team put me mid and I tried to contain Vanq and chip @cid as much as I can. We didn`t particularly play well, so we deserved to lose this round.

2nd pick: SHINE~ Larry held left well, while Harrek went right, and I was mid. We did much better this round, me and Harrek had a good sync.

3rd pick: GOTHIC~ We shuffled, and Waffles subbed @cid. It was .rC| and applicants vs. Waffles, Harrek, Larry. We had the stronger side, so we needed to win it. We made two really huge dumb mistakes, but other than that we were in control for the majority of the round.

4th pick: SUNSET~ Vanq held mid beautifully, and I was able to sneak and steal some flags. Much better this round than gothic.

I got a new mousepad, and it is already helping my aim a little. I tried to take DamDam`s advice and am trying to learn to sync my push with teammates and have better awareness of radar. Many aspects of gameplay I need to work on, but one thing at a time.

#17 RE: Pyras Application by Vanquish 17.08.2014 00:53


Awesome games, you played absolutely perfectly on sunset, was a pleasure.

Sad to see you chose a Goliathus over a QcK but mehhhh :>

#18 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 17.08.2014 19:55


I've heard the QcK is really good as well actually. I'm happy with my mousepad tho, the fabric feels woven and helps to stabilize and smoothe out my aim a little. In AC I feel like aim is more horizontal, and it's about tracking your crosshairs on your enemy and placing your crosshairs over him consistently over an extended period of time to do damage. AC's aim is tracking, Sauer's aim is more pinpoint and sporadic, it's a different type of aim.

I think the mousepad is ideal for a game like AC, but then again the QcK might actually do it better. I bought the goliathus as I bought it used off a friend who didn't like it anymore for literally 170yen/$1.50 so I am happy with my "investment".

I'll be online in like 90 min so come online then! Hopefully we can grab some games

#19 RE: Pyras Application by Vanquish 17.08.2014 20:08


I was kidding, the Goliathus is fine but I'm just a Steelseries fanboy (mouse/keyboard/mousepad/headset is all SS) :3
Looking forward to seeing you on later!

#20 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 19.08.2014 01:50


im back, but you guys left!
come back.

my comp had to freeze right before we finally get to play as a team gg. first time it had to ever freeze as well, shit likes this makes me want to never play ac again, talk about bad luck

#21 RE: Pyras Application by Vanquish 19.08.2014 03:04


No worries. I "left" because my router fell on the floor and the brunt force switched the power button off, and I didn't realise what had happened until 5 minutes ago, and by the time I restored my connection I wasn't motivated enough to come back and play (3am my time), especially when I must be up in six hours anyway. Sorry. Hope your laptop is fixed now anyhow!

#22 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 20.08.2014 01:14


I'll be on today at like 9:00 pm my time, and I'll stay on for a long time. Hopefully we can all grab some games

By the way. I've always been wondering whether or not Larry could organize another tourney. I've read about some tourneys in the past, where it was based on a season instead of a knockout system. I think this would be a good way to keep competitive clans active.

Inters are great, but they are not a complete substitute for matches. In inters, you can afford to make a few dumb mistakes, but in matches vs top teams, your mistake will cost you. The gameplay is much more organized and disciplined. CM is still the best method IMO to become a better player, and I am still eager to continually improve. Any advice you have for me is more than welcome.

See you all tonight

#23 RE: Pyras Application by Vanquish 20.08.2014 01:23


Awesome, I'll probably just have woken up then looking forward to seeing you!

Also sorry I didn't reply to your IRC message earlier, I was playing quake with vaQs so had my IRC client's notifications muted. In future I'll set an away message :P

#24 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 21.08.2014 03:01


Hello, played a match today vs. |oNe|. Me and Vanq played HeRa and @cid

[2-0] WIN
Our pick:
Their pick:

~Unlike the w00p game, we were both more calm and focused. It was also morning for me as opposed to late evening so I was focusing much better. We didn`t experience too much trouble at all, it was a comfortable win.

#25 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 24.08.2014 03:20


Pair of rounds today, me, vanq and tezer played as =By3= for fun.

I also got to play vs Mystered in a duel. He had some issues with his mouse apparently, but it was a good training round for us

#26 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 25.08.2014 03:34


Me, Vanq and Chill played a lot of rounds today:

EDIT: The above game would have been 3-1 but endgame fucking lagged and turned into a ghost while vanquish went to return the flag.

#27 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 26.08.2014 00:01


Some inters today:

#28 RE: Pyras Application by Vanquish 26.08.2014 00:13


ggs vs woop

horus = dam
dam = bunny

our pick: (they gave up with 3 mins remaining)
their pick: (pyras got banned by the anticheat because of an edgejump and then they disc'd)

#29 RE: Pyras Application by Pyras 26.08.2014 00:15


Hello, me and vanq played a 2v2 vs. w00p| today.

I am Advance, Vanq is dem0n.

[2-0] WIN

~I think we played fairly well, gothic was a round where they gave up with 2 minutes remaining. They implied that it was a waste of time to continue, given the score difference, so they picked des3. With 2 min remaining, I got banned from the bob servers for "abnormal client behavior", which is ridiculous. I don`t know if it`s just me, but I think I heard before that Harrek has the same problem as me on bob servers. Dam just left the match after I got booted from the server, but we were up 13-1 so I think we won

#30 RE: Pyras Application by Marti 26.08.2014 00:23


Gg both posting the same game

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