#1 vs MyS (2-1) by Vanquish 09.08.2014 23:02

.rC|: Hosta, Shield, Vanquish
=MyS=: Furios, Morrigan, Aardvork

Congratulations to Shield on his first win (and first game) as an rC member!

Ingress was kinda tricky, I don't like this map since it's just about rushing and aiming, but I think both sides played ok and a tie is fine since both teams had strong lineups aimwise.
Urban was better, our teamplay was great actually and we didn't really make any mistakes. May this be the first of many wins with Shield under the rC tag!

ggs, well played both!

#2 RE: vs MyS (2-1) by Hosta 09.08.2014 23:08


Nice games , gg Shield and Vanq

#3 RE: vs MyS (2-1) by Furios 09.08.2014 23:30

ggs, I think we were overwhelmed on urban

also Morry played and not Sveark

#4 RE: vs MyS (2-1) by Vanquish 09.08.2014 23:44

omg i'm retarded xD sorry, it's fixed

#5 RE: vs MyS (2-1) by Shieldybear 10.08.2014 00:59


Yay! GG's

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