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#1 vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Vanquish 17.09.2012 20:52


.rC|: a.rC|ane (Vanquish), a.rC|ade (Xemi) , BOUKAKA (Hosta) /yopa
|#LC*|: Nonor (Honor), Shield, ReDBuLL

Their pick was CTF urban, we did fucking shit for the first bit but then got better.

We picked HTF toxic, had a shitty start but pulled back at the end.

Tiebreak was a mutual decision, CTF sunset. We did quite well, had some sexy flags.

GGs LC. Always fun to play vs strong teams.

#2 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by 17.09.2012 21:01

gg's. Forgot to add, Hosta had to leave in the middle of the sunset game and yopa jumped in for him

#3 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Hosta 17.09.2012 21:36


Nice , Sorry for those 2 disconnects

anyway gg

#4 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Vanquish 17.09.2012 21:38


np, was ggs

#5 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Alireza 18.09.2012 11:19


Good Games.

But, Actually I don't like your picks...
You pick unfair maps that if you play against the most powerful team in the whole of AC.. You'll defiantly win. I prefer to loss in ac_outpost (unfair map) from CLAs instead of losing from you in ac_toxic HTF!

#6 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by 18.09.2012 11:35

Alireza please find a map that is FAIR. Many maps are unfair, So please dont be hatin on our picks .

#7 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Vanquish 18.09.2012 11:45


You picked tosok snow as CLA vs us, and you complain our picks are biased. Not only is it a biased map but it's the lowest skilled, most camp-y game mode. At least HTF requires tactics and some degree of aiming skill.

btw I actually hate toxic and rattrap too, they're no fun. I actually hate HTF as a mode, it bores me, i'd much rather play CTF. but I play what my mates play.

EDIT: lol @ damdam

#8 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by DamDam 18.09.2012 13:16


Tbh Alireza what you say is a bit.stupid lol
When u pick, you want to win so you want to put every.chances by your.side to win x))
Plus, toxic isnt that biased, oNe after examining our gamestyle
If you're having fun picking unfair maps for you, its cool, do so, but dont be surprise if you cant get
We just play toxic to get an easy & secured winning pick like every other team, sorry to play for the win but thats kinda the aim of a game

#9 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Alireza 18.09.2012 20:03


I know what are you saying guys. But I mean you should win from every way you can find? even by making the game disgusting for enemy?? or make them to do not play with you anymore?? come on..

@Vanquish: I hope you didn't expected to us pick a more fair map and mode after you picking that map and mode!


EDIT: @Xemi: I accept that only 1 or 2 maps of AC are fair... Like Shine or depot or. as i asked in this last 2 years.. The funs of Sides is this maps were 50%,50%. I mean a half said CLA is better a half says RVFS is better (In both maps.)

but 1 map is not only fair but also hard. and it's Aquoeus. I think Desert 2 is Fair too! The last one Is only my opinion.

#10 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Vanquish 18.09.2012 20:19


We picked it as you played with Sepehr. As our league match vs MyS was the following day, we wanted to make him think that was our pick.

Enemies don't care, picks like urban and gothic are just as biased as rattrap. If you look at the games, our pick was biased but so was theirs. Then we played a fair map for the tiebreaker and won, so we can do well in "normal modes" too if you were insinuating differently.

I've seen (was it oNe players?) pick desert3 vs you (yes it's biased, but has good gameplay from both sides) and you still picked tosok snow as CLA vs them, after which you didn't play a tiebreaker (it was the same vs us actually), indicating maybe you weren't confident to win a fair map on the tiebreaker so you decided to leave rather than suffer a loss?

So please don't act like you don't play games to win too.

Edit: Btw, RVSF has a much nicer base on depot, CLA's is a joke by comparison. desert2 is also incredibly biased to one side (off the top of my head I think CLA) in HTF. :P

#11 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by ReDBuLL 18.09.2012 20:20

sunset mines shine depot
urban and gothic is more easy than rattrap ...

#12 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Vanquish 18.09.2012 20:24


Rattrap is actually very winnable as RVSF if you study how CLA play. I'd say in particular that gothic isn't easy at all vs CLA, half the time you die on spawn.

Sunset is a lovely map though <3.

#13 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by DamDam 18.09.2012 21:26


imo shine is also slightly biased, it's much easier to win with RVSF imo... It's like the right side is so easy to dominate, mid-right is yours with HP, and left is the only hard way. Also the mid is better to use from CLA to RVSF than the inverse.
In every map, there are particular things that make it biased.
mines -> CLA (small base) RVSF (very open base)
sunset -> CLA (open base to defend) RVSF (hard to go out)
depot -> CLA (easier to camp) / RVSF (hide)

It all depends on what aspects of maps you prefer, but i'm sure you could find some good aspects to being CLA toxic if searching

#14 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by ReDBuLL 18.09.2012 21:53

you guys are picking what you want , i don't complain. only in match when i loose :p

#15 RE: vs |#LC*| (2-1) by Vanquish 18.09.2012 22:00


I think he meant more towards Alireza, don't worry. I don't complain at urban even though it's my least favourite map

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