#1 vs FD* (1-2) by Vanquish 13.12.2014 18:27


.rC|: Vanquish, Hosta
FD*: Endgame, teapot

Well they picked ingress. The server we played on had really bad hitreg and teapot was lagging ridiculously (yes, in case he is reading this, it was ridiculous and please don't deny it). That's not to say that's the only reason why we lost though, they were certainly better although some flags/frags were totally undeserved, there was just nothing we could have done to save them.

We asked to switch server, and after some resistance from Teapot we went to the gibbed.me server, where I could actually hit my bullets (sorry Marti, but whitelists n shit so I took your name). They were better this game, but so were we, and we managed to tie our pick.

I think if I wasn't injured and Hosta wasn't so rusty we'd have done better, but only time will tell that for sure as we play them in the future.

ggs, wp Hosta + FD

#2 RE: vs FD* (1-2) by EndGame 13.12.2014 18:31


ggs gothic was really intense. Sorry, for complaining during the game. It's just I don't like when players abuse from that glitch on cla base.

#3 RE: vs FD* (1-2) by Vanquish 13.12.2014 18:46


the glitch? the only thing I was doing was spawnraping you. I figured that was what the complaints were about, which I could understand.

#4 RE: vs FD* (1-2) by Hosta 13.12.2014 18:47


Who cares I was so bad at fragging both games ,
gg wp FD and Vanq

#5 RE: vs FD* (1-2) by Marti 13.12.2014 19:56


hosta u are supposed to carry your injured mate

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