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#1 obi's application by obi_de 30.12.2014 03:25


Your in game name (mention all aliases used in the past): obi_de
Age: 23
Country: Germany
Timezone: UTC+01:00

Playing Sauerbraten since: 2007/2008
Clan history: AsoD, }TC{ , sp4nk, \pCc\

Favourite modes: instagib
Favourite maps: complex (there is really no other map )

Were you invited by any member or was it your own idea: Hank1 gave me the idea but basically it was my own idea
Why you want to join rC: Because you seem to be a bunch of great people
A little about yourself: Okay, so i am one of the oldies in sauerbraten and had a really great time on a high skill level. Now i was about 2 years inactive and I just need to raise my skill level again -.- Hope you guys will help me to develop quickly and get me back to be one of the top players.

Screenshots showing your skill level: I always feel a bit uncomfortable about posting screenshots. Lets try to meet in IRC or TS3 and try to play some matches together

#2 RE: obi's application by Lozi 30.12.2014 11:02


gl bro

#3 RE: obi's application by Marti 30.12.2014 12:10


Yessssss you use ts, +1 for that


#4 RE: obi's application by Jorik 30.12.2014 12:43

Good luck with your application!

#5 RE: obi's application by Jawer 30.12.2014 12:55


nice to see you applied that fast after coming back into sauer. I'm happy to see an older player even if i never knew much about you. We can change that now and have fun during your application time.

#6 RE: obi's application by Neon 30.12.2014 16:45


hey obi_de, glad you applied! Please be active on TS3 and IRC and ask us for games as much as possible. looking forward for many nice and intense games!

#7 RE: obi's application by Deluxe 01.01.2015 18:54


Hey! I must say i have no idea who you are, but i guess we can change that

good luck have fun in your application, looking forward to meet you ingame

#8 RE: obi's application by Alien 01.01.2015 21:25


Hey obi, Good Luck for your Application!

#9 RE: obi's application by Jawer 01.01.2015 22:48


We managed to get one duel today

#10 RE: obi's application by obi_de 02.01.2015 00:53


gg for that

#11 RE: obi's application by Neon 09.01.2015 09:05


Hey Obi, just passing by to tell you that I personally (and some other members maybe think so too), would like to see more activity on your app! Just always if u plan to go online connect to ts3 and irc, and please, don't be shy to ask us for some games! (There's always someone to play with )

#12 RE: obi's application by obi_de 10.01.2015 21:04


hey neon,
currently i am playing many mixed games and sometimes i see some people of you, like today where i played 2 duels and 3 rounds of mixed games with jawer. By the way i am nearly always online in IRC. Even if i am at work i am online.
I can not play sauer 24/7 and i hope this is not a requirement, because then you can close my app. In the week i am working and studying for the university but i still try to play as much as i can. We have probably the last days just missed us and hopefully this will change.

#13 RE: obi's application by Jawer 10.01.2015 21:27


We have probably the last days just missed us

That will totally be it and ggs today. I'd really like some screenshots of you from time to time cause it's just a nice way to see your progess/consistency etc. You just have to go to "attach file" find your folder with the screenshots and press upload, it's nothing difficult yet helpful to get a decision for the application in the long run. I got our 2 duels from earlier and can attach them for you again.
And it's not a requirement to play more than you are able to play but still as an applicant you should put a bit more effort in finding games with us than when you're already in a clan, logically. Hope for more nice games, it was fun

#14 RE: obi's application by obi_de 10.01.2015 23:01


thank you Jawer for your answer
Okay here are some screenshots:

I just don't like to post screenshots of games without any authorisation because there is always one guy who feels exposed. But okay from time to time i will upload some new screenshots under the same URL.

#15 RE: obi's application by Jawer 10.01.2015 23:55


That's a cool way to collect your screens :P thanks.

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