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#1 Aussie App's! by Shorty 23.09.2012 09:14

Your in-game name : ''Zodiak./Shorty
Your real name (optional) : Shaun
Your age : 18
Country and timezone : Australia (GMT +10)
Can you speak fluent English?: No, my English is somewhat lacking, i think?
Previous nicks/aliases : Only the names i've stated and random alias' i don't remember at all
For how long have you been playing ? 3 and a half years, probably closer to 4

Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : KH|, W$N, Aero|, legacy, (all died) NR| (Original NR not reborn) Left due to leader (Morse) Cheating, .aG* Left when larry/Vanq left. w00p| Left due to Drakas' departure.

Have you ever been blacklisted ? No
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ? CTF ac_elevation - Sniper/AR
Why do you want to join our team ? You all seem very nice, and you have alot or promise to be one of, it not the best clan in AC, and you have that Pommy Slackass called Vanquish
Do you have TS3 and a mic? Yes, I do
Which member, if any, invited you to apply? None.
Any extra information ? I'm sexy and i know it?
Screenshots showing your skill level : I just reformatted my Laptop, so no screens as of right now, will get some ASAP!

#2 RE: Aussie App's! by Vanquish 23.09.2012 09:41

Oh mah gawd, I never expected this.

For those who don't know, Shorty is one of the most ridiculous snipers in the entire game, but he also uses AR well too, sick player. Plus he's just a pretty awesome guy when you get to know him.

GL, I wanna play with you a bit before I vote though, since you called me a pommy slackass

#3 RE: Aussie App's! by Tiest0 23.09.2012 09:43


Welcome here, gl.

#4 RE: Aussie App's! by yopa 23.09.2012 11:08


Lolwat D: This came kinda unexpected to me... GL shorty

#5 RE: Aussie App's! by Hosta 23.09.2012 11:41


Shorty , shorty , shorty ... Well Well Well

Awesome guy :p . Know you a bit , Good luck for your app ;-)
And welcome here

#6 RE: Aussie App's! by Shorty 23.09.2012 11:50

ty guys will try get some games today/tonight

#7 RE: Aussie App's! by Bigbaddy 23.09.2012 13:01

This was inevitable.

#8 RE: Aussie App's! by Shieldybear 23.09.2012 13:37



#9 RE: Aussie App's! by clpS* 23.09.2012 13:40


Welcome Here & Gl

#10 RE: Aussie App's! by ShadowFlameZ 23.09.2012 14:27

He ran outta clans to app to \

#11 RE: Aussie App's! by Marti 23.09.2012 15:33


he sucks,

gl nonetheless!

#12 RE: Aussie App's! by Alireza 23.09.2012 18:45


Good Luck Shorty!

#13 RE: Aussie App's! by DrooL 23.09.2012 20:13


gl gl gl buddy!

#14 RE: Aussie App's! by BigGunZ 23.09.2012 22:11

Hey, I see you every now and again in pubs


#15 RE: Aussie App's! by Shorty 24.09.2012 05:54

Haters gon' Hate.

Thnx to those who aren't hating little fanboys.

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