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#1 App by Blushie 19.03.2015 18:58


Hello Rising Cubers,

Names: Zooc, niko & Blushie sometimes hotasian6pack
I am from the United States of America


Played Cube 2 since 2009. ( Lots of breaks )

Clan History: |>HFS<| , played some with at0m(maybe 2-3weeks before I took break)

Favorite Modes: ECTF / Instagib / iCTF / CTF

Favorite Maps: Instagib - Complex / Tartech / Curvy_Castle - ECTF/ICTF/CTF - Bad_Moon /Forge / Dust2 / Haste / Forgotten

Were you invited by any member or was it your own idea: I wasn't invited, I got some good signs from a few players and decided to apply.

Why you want to join rC: I have been playing for awhile now and I've been looking for a skilled friendly group of guys. I've played with a lot of rC players and I get along with them and can match most of their skill levels. ( My Effic needs work a bit, but I'm working hard on it don't worry) I'm also really interested in a clan that has CW potential.

A little about yourself: My name is Nico Anthony, I only play Cube 2 and League of Legends. Some of my Hobbies besides gaming are, Surfing, Snowboarding, Girls, gear4 & stupid Youtube video memes. You will learn a lot more about me as we play, not much else worth writing here

My Skill: i don't have many screenshots from when I used to play and I don't take many now.. but. I guess you can check or I'll post more screenshots on here as I get some.
^ Both very old screenshots.

Cheers guys thanks for reading this, see you in-game

#2 RE: App by Jawer 19.03.2015 19:14


Welcome and have a nice application time

#3 RE: App by Marti 19.03.2015 19:47


Hi, welcome.
Your name doesnt ring a bell (not your fault ) so we should get to know each other! I like that you like girls though lol


#4 RE: App by Jawer 19.03.2015 19:56


try to come to irc the next days marti, so will i try to be on ts. We need to communicate about applicant again =) =)

#5 RE: App by Vanquish 19.03.2015 21:04

Hello. I'm no longer a member of the Sauerbraten squad, but just wanted to say gl and also that I love your nick.

#6 RE: App by Alien 19.03.2015 21:07


hey man best of luck and welcome to our forum! I know you since trooper, its been a long time man , hope we can get some games soon.

#7 RE: App by Blushie 20.03.2015 04:02


YES ALIEN WE MUST! Get on IRC and message me

#8 RE: App by Deluxe 20.03.2015 19:50


hey. Nice to you see your application
Something about your profile picture attracts me, i just cant figure out what it could be...
hope to get some games with you soon, and wish you a good app time

#9 RE: App by Shnuggle 20.03.2015 22:56


Hey man!! Good luck with your application! Glad to see you've applied

Forgot if this has been mentioned, but we encourage you to visit us on ts, IRC and have as many games with us as you can. Because we love them duels and mix's

See you on the battlefield!!

#10 RE: App by Blushie 21.03.2015 05:24


I'm always in irc

#11 RE: App by Shnuggle 23.03.2015 01:50


Hey Man, so we're looking for opportunities to have you participate in our clanwars and get some team building on the go. That means coming on ts when a cw is possible and seeing how good communication is when it comes to a serious game

As a personal note, I love the fact you're into insta. It's kind of a rarity these days <3

Your effic is great as well, especially in ctf games but I know it can be better! Make sure to get some good effic duels, and trying to get that accuracy and kills to a sexy number

Other than that, you're a wonderful applicant to have Much love and keep those frags going

#12 RE: App by Blushie 23.03.2015 06:55


I'm getting better fast, and I can't wait for some clanwars D I am playing about 6 hours a day.. maybe 2-3 hours of mixes some duels and also doing some practices offline with flagruns.

PS: AlieN... I still want my duels

#13 RE: App by Jawer 23.03.2015 12:26


Do flagruns on the ghost flagrun server I'd like to make pisto's, honzik's and obstriegels work worth the time and it's really cool they ask me all the time what they could do better. So to all you guys, use it when you're bored or wanna get better with flagruns :P

#14 RE: App by Blushie 23.03.2015 16:52


Some duels with Rexus & Honzik1

#15 RE: App by Blushie 23.03.2015 21:37


Tourn play! )) I know we don't win.. we played vs best team first and we had poor teamplay I hope if I join you guys we will work well together

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