#1 vs |BME| (2-0) by Vanquish 24.08.2012 18:17

rC: Vanquish, Hosta/DamDam
BME: Soulker, J0keR

Our pick was CTF arid. No descriptions necessary.

Their pick was CTF desert3. I don't like this map, but we did ok.

Meh ggs

#2 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Marti 24.08.2012 18:26



our first official win

#3 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Tiest0 24.08.2012 18:32


gg guys !

Damdam's score : 1111. You are a pro.

#4 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Hosta 24.08.2012 18:42


Gg Vanquish and DamDam

#5 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by clpS* 24.08.2012 19:29


Gg !

#6 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by yopa 24.08.2012 19:40


Ggs.. not the hardest opponent, but still, nice game :-)

#7 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by _DogNut 25.08.2012 11:01

soulker and joker are bme? lol new news gj and congratz

#8 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Vanquish 25.08.2012 12:00

I don't know if they're official members yet - but when they asked us for 2vs2, we asked what team they were representing. They said BME.

#9 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by edward 25.08.2012 22:06

Quote: _DogNut wrote in post #7
soulker and joker are bme? lol new news gj and congratz

they are not even trial yet ... gg btw

wow easy to regsister :p I forgot the maj

#10 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Vanquish 25.08.2012 22:08

lol weird, I guess they shouldn't have asked for a match representing BME then.

And yeah our forum is nooby :3

#11 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by J0keR 25.08.2012 22:19

i didn't even said this , just you askek in which clan we were and i said we were both BME applicants ..

#12 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Vanquish 25.08.2012 22:23

I believe the conversation went something like this.

- Soulker enters the server
- Soulker: "2v2?"
- Hosta: "What clan?"
- Me: "I think BME?"
- J0keR enters the server
- Soulker: "Yes BME"

Then we agree to play. You didn't say anything, so your post is wrong, and not reflective of what I said in mine either. Doesn't matter anyway, gg.

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