#1 vs ~TgS~ (2-0) ACCL League by Vanquish 30.09.2012 20:27

.rC|: Vanquish/Marti, Tiest0, Xemi
~TgS~: Wallp@, elite, Silvers

I wanted to go for gothic, instead they picked shine. Our communication was abysmal, but despite that we did well overall.

They picked TSURV desert. Marti subbed me as he hadn't played a league match yet (it was his first game too).

GGs TgS! Nice to play vs. you, and i <3 that server.

#2 RE: vs ~TgS~ (2-0) ACCL League by Marti 30.09.2012 20:33


and with my outrage i meant tiesto cuz he was shooting me to 50 hp

#3 RE: vs ~TgS~ (2-0) ACCL League by Tiest0 30.09.2012 20:49


I did not !! ^____^"

#4 RE: vs ~TgS~ (2-0) ACCL League by Robaum 01.10.2012 19:10


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