#1 vs Finland (2 - 0) by yopa 25.10.2012 22:40


.rC| : Xemi, yopa
FIN. : Jonhuz and aNy I guess... or maybe pweaks, idk...

They picked first... They got an early lead, 2-0 because of us doing mistakes... We managed to pull it back (idk how, I was so surprised when xemi managed to return the last one that made us win.. lol...)

Then we picked werk... We have a lot to work on here, both me and xemi. We had bad coordination, and we made loads of mistakes... We gotta fix this xemi


#2 RE: vs Finland (2 - 0) by Vanquish 25.10.2012 23:04


At least you won werk, but yeah I agree you could've done better (not you specifically, I mean as a team effort).

Still a nice win though!

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