#1 _DogNut in da pub! by _DogNut 25.08.2012 10:57

My name is Honza
I've played ac for 2-3 years. I play sauer mostly now but I play a bit ac aliased.
I've been in aG
Guess who I am
Hello all Im al3rt hows stuff going?
Good luck mates

#2 RE: _DogNut in da pub! by Vanquish 25.08.2012 11:44

Hey, welcome

Thanks for coming here, hope you get your WLAN fixed :P

#3 RE: _DogNut in da pub! by Hosta 25.08.2012 12:41


Bejour/Bijour/Bonjour/Hello !

Welcome here <3

#4 RE: _DogNut in da pub! by Tiest0 25.08.2012 14:40


Hello hello.

#5 RE: _DogNut in da pub! by DamDam 25.08.2012 14:42


Welcome on our forums al3rt !

#6 RE: _DogNut in da pub! by yopa 25.08.2012 15:08


Hey hey alert :P

Welcome to our forums, and thanks

#7 RE: _DogNut in da pub! by clpS* 25.08.2012 17:40


Welcome Here

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