#1 vs |BME| (2-0) by Vanquish 26.10.2012 18:02

.rC|: Hosta, Vanquish
|BME|: Soulker/Edward, Luxima

they picked urban, we weren't warm at the start (both of our first games) so made some fails, but gg

we picked gothic, i was carbine and hosta was smg. try playing carbine vs 125 pj (luxima), it's ridiculous. at least we won ehh. gg

ggs hosta.

#2 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Marti 27.10.2012 11:32


lol 1.4 ratio with carbine


#3 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Vanquish 27.10.2012 11:49

carbine's actually incredibly easy, since it has practically no spread at all and a crosshair (imo giving it an advantage of ease over sniper). plus unless you're playing against a high-level AR/SMG player you can usually kill them faster with carbine than they can with their gun (providing you aim well ofc)

(i was ashamed of having only 51.2% accuracy with carbine that game)

#4 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Hosta 27.10.2012 12:15


I did shit on gothic lol , i'm so bad with smg , should stop it .

gg Vanquish you raped them .

#5 RE: vs |BME| (2-0) by Vanquish 27.10.2012 12:30

Nah, your smg was fine, and we won, which was what's important.

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