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#16 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by Million 02.11.2012 08:07

Gl ex-FD* :P

#17 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by Tiest0 02.11.2012 16:04


Good luck.

#18 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by NoVa. 05.11.2012 21:43



#19 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by al3rt 10.11.2012 17:29

Good Luck my friend!!


#20 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by 10.11.2012 17:54

Another account, why not use the old one?

#21 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by ShadowFlameZ 12.11.2012 03:27

"Honorary member" eh?


#22 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by Shorty 12.11.2012 09:43

Honorary doesn't really mean much, oNe has several "Honorary members" doesn't mean they're members of oNe.

#23 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by Marti 12.11.2012 15:11


Quote: ShadowFlameZ wrote in post #21
"Honorary member" eh?


lololol ur waaay too late. i found out about that 1 hour after that topic was made. i win, hail me!

and yes it isnt a big deal

#24 RE: .EL. aka Lemonade by DamDam 28.11.2012 19:08


Well well well...
Dear EL., we all know that you can not continue your application further because of school and personal reasons, hence why we are going to stop/suspend this application.
We can not let your application open when nothing is happening, so the best way is to close it for the moment.
If you ever are ready to come back and be active for good, we'll be glad to re-open your application and get it further
We hope you understand our choice which was hard to take, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM any of us.
Good luck in your studies and we hope to see you soon !

- The .rC| team.

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