#1 vs legacy. (2 - 1) by yopa 30.10.2012 20:26


.rC| : Xemi, yopa
legacy. : Drool, larry

So they picked outpost, not a shock lol... We didn't take this really serious as we knew we wouldn't win anyways...

And then we picked werk. We did bad in the start. I think they made a 2-0 lead. Then we pulled it back for 7-3, but they came back. Me and xemi has to work on our concentration during matches

Then we couldn't find anything for tie. We sugested shine and elevation, as they suggested depot and iceroad... We ended up voting the map, and they picked sides... We picked ingress, lol... We did kinda bad in the start again, but pulled it back to 8-3, where they came back again, but we managed to get 2 more flags in the end.

Ggs legacy and rC!

#2 RE: vs legacy. (2 - 1) by Vanquish 30.10.2012 20:27


ggs, but you put a description of werk with the ingress screenshot and a description of ingress with the werk screenshot


#3 RE: vs legacy. (2 - 1) by Hosta 30.10.2012 20:31


Gg !

#4 RE: vs legacy. (2 - 1) by Tiest0 02.11.2012 16:07



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