#1 vs =SA= (2-0) by Marti 31.10.2012 19:01


.rC| : Lemonade , Marti/Xemi
=SA= : ThePrinter, Capone

Our pick, CTF ac_ingress (<3) :

we had some little mistakes which got them some flags. but we were dominating the whole game

Their pick, TDM ac_snow :

first time i've played it in a cm :P i was playing with sniper. at some point my pc crashed so Xemi subbed me for 1 min.

overall we did very well i think, especially because it was EL's first cm in a loooong time, and i am ill :|


#2 RE: vs =SA= (2-0) by Tiest0 02.11.2012 16:08



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