#1 Hiya, :) by NoVa. 02.11.2012 03:09


Hey, just here to say good luck. If you wanna know who i am feel free to ask Vanquish!

Anyway gl with your clan. Good to see some great players

#2 RE: Hiya, :) by Vanquish 02.11.2012 07:50

Hey, sup

Welcome, hopefully we'll see you around AC!

#3 RE: Hiya, :) by Marti 02.11.2012 13:26



vanquish, enlighten us

#4 RE: Hiya, :) by clpS* 02.11.2012 20:26


Hello Welcome Here

#5 RE: Hiya, :) by ShadowFlameZ 03.11.2012 00:55

Hi o/
Who are you? :o

#6 RE: Hiya, :) by NoVa. 03.11.2012 23:40


I'm not going to say Shadow, sorry, Marti, I don't think ive met you ingame under my real name. I've had a terrible history, but never the less me and Vanq stayed friends

#7 RE: Hiya, :) by Hosta 04.11.2012 07:37



Welcome here (:

#8 RE: Hiya, :) by Tiest0 04.11.2012 11:18


Welcome here

#9 RE: Hiya, :) by fredriK 04.11.2012 16:20

7am waking up in the morning

this girl is on fire

#10 RE: Hiya, :) by NoVa. 05.11.2012 04:14


Quote: fredriK wrote in post #9
7am waking up in the morning

this girl is on fire


#11 RE: Hiya, :) by Vanquish 08.11.2012 23:02

Quote: ShadowFlameZ wrote in post #5

Who are you? :o

PM me if you want to know.

#12 RE: Hiya, :) by ShadowFlameZ 09.11.2012 01:25

Nah don't worry, shawdy and I found out through our various devices and mechanisms.
Wasn't who I thought it was, but I was close in that it was that kinda person :P.

#13 RE: Hiya, :) by Vanquish 09.11.2012 05:32


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