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#1 Jorik's application by Jorik 09.11.2012 23:16

Your in-game name : Jorik
Your real name (optional) : Jorik
Your age : 16
Country and timezone [w] : Belgium GMT+1
Can you speak fluent English?: Yes, I can.
Previous nicks/aliases : Jorik, Phrixus
For how long have you been playing ? I have been playing for approximately four years.
Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : BME (internal disputes), dR (I hacked, confessed and left.), MyS (I got kicked after showing disruptive behaviour on the ACWC finals)
Have you ever been blacklisted ? I haven't.
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ? ac_arid DM Assault Rifle
Why do you want to join our team ? I think that this clan is able to give me a final chance after the things I have done in the past. I hope this clan will not care too much about what others say, and I hope everyone will look to theirselves.
Do you have TS3 and a mic? I do.
Which four members gave you invites to apply? Vanquish, Hosta, Marti, DamDam
Any extra information ? I think you all know me very well, if there are questions you can still ask me of course.
Screenshots showing your skill level : I have quit for a while so it would be pointless to post any screenshots. I will have more screenshots available later though.

#2 RE: Jorik's application by yopa 09.11.2012 23:57


Hello there, Jorik
welcome here and gl on ur app... dw about ur past. We care about how u r now, not in ur past We're giving u the chanse like with all o our previous and existing apps

#3 RE: Jorik's application by Vanquish 10.11.2012 00:06


GL, awesome player, awesome guy.

#4 RE: Jorik's application by DamDam 10.11.2012 00:27


GL for your app Jorik! Hope i'll manage to catch some games with you
As for your past, i think we can fix it up if you're honest with us, we can manage to get over it if you show us dedication and how you've changed i guess

#5 RE: Jorik's application by 10.11.2012 00:50

Good Luck.

#6 RE: Jorik's application by Tiest0 10.11.2012 00:57


Good luck !

#7 RE: Jorik's application by ReDBuLL 10.11.2012 11:12

If Jorik got accept , U can be sure than some player in AC wont play against him.

#8 RE: Jorik's application by Tiest0 10.11.2012 11:14


What a surprise ! It's not as if a lot of players said it everyday !

#9 RE: Jorik's application by clpS* 10.11.2012 14:40


Heyy Jorik ! Welcome Here and GL

#10 RE: Jorik's application by Alireza 10.11.2012 18:03


They will. don't worry redbull, He doesn't use hacks(I hope so because i talked with Sepehr)!

BTW Good Luck dude!!

#11 RE: Jorik's application by Marti 10.11.2012 19:23



#12 RE: Jorik's application by Jorik 10.11.2012 23:23

Me and Tiesto played a 2v2 vs BME, gg's everyone:

#13 RE: Jorik's application by Hosta 11.11.2012 18:09


Hey Jorik good luck .

@red : Xenon hacked , Fearles hacked , everybody is still playing vs oNe and MyS .


#14 RE: Jorik's application by ShadowFlameZ 11.11.2012 20:11

In the SS, what's with the repetition on "Sniper Rifle selected"?

#15 RE: Jorik's application by Hosta 11.11.2012 20:31


He just clicked 10 times on sniper :p

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