#1 vs !s (3-0) by Deluxe 02.07.2015 19:51


.rC| Yopa, Partizan, Deluxe
!s] Obstriegel, Fatality, Bourbon

Yesterday evening we were able to do a cw with some real old-school rc legend who was a strong backup and carried us nicely through the games
After some confusion if it's a real cw if we play with an applicant (i am still not sure if they see it as a legit cw) !s never the less brought a 3rd member so it was not a mix. Thanks for that!

Forge was really really close, the other games werent. I dont really know what made that change.


PS: see those insane acc from obst. i'm happy if i get that in insta...

#2 RE: vs !s (3-0) by Jawer 02.07.2015 21:26


47 fricking percent..

#3 RE: vs !s (3-0) by Marti 03.07.2015 03:11


Yopa playing sauer whaaaat

#4 RE: vs !s (3-0) by yopa 03.07.2015 03:52


Yeah I don't even know

#5 RE: vs !s (3-0) by Partizan 03.07.2015 10:39


Yea, ggs, obst was rifling rifling But nvm haha.

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