#1 vs w00p| (2-2) by Vanquish 03.07.2015 02:11

.rC|: Vanquish, Hosta, yopa
w00p|: Newbie, Redbull, Harrek

We picked shine. Questionable start but it went well and the end was nice.

They picked gothic. We really could have won, I guess luck was on their side today.

Then we played elevation as a tie. Terrible beginning, we were 2-0 down in the first 3 minutes. We managed to pull it back and were even winning at one point, but then they scored one more flag to tie it up.
Annoyingly, Newbie and Lozi both refused to play a second tiebreaker, so here we are I guess.

ggs, wp woop + rC

#2 RE: vs w00p| (2-2) by yopa 03.07.2015 02:24


Shine was tough, but we got the important kills that really mattered. Gothic is gothic. Nothing more to say. I think we did well to almost tie it. Elevation was annoying though. After a 4 minute long flag battle we scored the 3-2 flag, but gave it away in the last minute. Should've controlled that in.


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