#1 vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by yopa 07.07.2015 15:50


.rC| : Vanquish, Mise, yopa
BRC : Fury, Hitman, Piton/Enty

They picked urban. Vanquish had a hard time fragging short (the server was bad to him or smth). Still managed to beat them though.

We picked shine. Changed server and me and mise had some trouble fragging this time. At least vanquish was there to carry this time. We were up 6-5 I believe, so it was kinda shit that they got that last flag.


#2 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by Vanquish 07.07.2015 15:52

yeah everyone had red pj for me on xrd. no idea why, at least the 2nd server felt normal. :/

#3 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by Deluxe 08.07.2015 20:46


omg i am not sure if i've ever seen that on any of the screens in this forum
ggs (i guess)

#4 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by edward 10.07.2015 01:00

how can 2 round make 2-1

#5 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by Marti 10.07.2015 01:30


If you tie a game its 1-1

#6 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by Honor 10.07.2015 09:48

if you tie that makes 0-0. So you win 1-0

#7 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by Marti 10.07.2015 10:53


Why is then e.g. in football when you tie you get 1 point?

#8 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by Vanquish 10.07.2015 11:31

also, scoring a round as 0 invalidates the round, imo, it's like refusing to acknowledge that there ever was a tie and just focusing on the maps which were won/lost. I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with that but idk if I'd want to score games that way, since we (at least in AC, idk about the sauer guys) try to post everything we play, even if its something annoying like a tied game.

edit: that reminds me, forgot to post a game vs woop yesterday

#9 RE: vs *[BRC]* (2-1) by yopa 10.07.2015 13:21


Why is it even a big deal? We won the match by one point even if it's 1-0 or 2-1. Imo 1-0 just sounds like one game happened, while 2-1 indicates that both teams at leat got to pick a map. If we should do it 100% legit, we'd say it's 0.5-0.5, but cba starting to change things around now

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