#1 vs MyS (1-2) by DamDam 26.07.2015 03:01


.rC : DamDam, Xemi
MyS : Endgame, Sofiane

Our pick CTF ac_werk :

We were just better, despite their very very very campy & defensive style, we exploited every mistake to get flags.

Their pick CTF ac_gothic :

Well... fuck this map. I couldn't frag so we lost, that's basically how to sum up gothic. I had about -456 fun playing this, but thankfully Xemi was there to save the day and not make it a complete disaster

Tiebreaker CTF ac_shine :

Close game, some dumb mistakes cost us the game. I believe we were the better 2v2 team, but we did more mistakes and lost. #PJsalt

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