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#76 RE: duel with Jawer by cannonfodder 30.11.2015 17:44


poor veritas

#77 RE: duel with Jawer by Marti 11.12.2015 19:06



After a rather long application, partly due to our own inactivity, we as a clan came to the conclusion to deny your application. There are a few members who feel very little connection to you, and we favour personality over skill. We appreciate the time and effort you've put in your application, and the patience you had. We wish you the best of luck in your further ac career, and ofcourse you'll always be welcome to hang around.

- the rC team

#78 RE: duel with Jawer by cannonfodder 11.12.2015 20:59


It's too bad to hear that, however, it was a nice time to hang out with Mise,Duff,xemi and sometimes even with Marti and C4rma.

#79 RE: duel with Jawer by Mise 12.12.2015 12:09

You are more then welcome to try applying in the future I had to apply twice for these fucks to accept me

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