#1 vs !s] (2-0) by Deluxe 13.08.2015 20:34


.rC| Mehrtyr3r, Cannibal (app), me
!s] Milchmann, Origin, 4t4k4n

Had another short clanwar this evening.

First map was my all-time favorite dust2... Well they asked us if we are ok with the bad side (thx for asking, nice move). We agreed and even won with a comfortable lead in scores.

Surprisingly on forgotten, a much evener (or more even? Fuck this language) map, we struggled a lot more. I really cant explain why, it was just like we werent able anymore to get important kills. Still got a close win.
I am flying in the screenshot because i used hacks for the game


#2 RE: vs !s] (2-0) by Jawer 13.08.2015 22:17


nice hacks, keep on going guys

#3 RE: vs !s] (2-0) by Marti 14.08.2015 03:09


Gimme those hacks

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