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#1 app by Rayden 17.08.2015 21:35


Your in game name (and any aliases used in the past):RayDen
Your real name (optional): Camilo
Age: 19
Country and timezone: GTM-5
Can you speak English?: yes
Do you have TS3 and a mic?: yep

How long have you played AssaultCube for?: 4 years more or less
Clan history (and reasons why you left):ED,PF,FEL and BRC. They all died or fallen on inactivity
Have you ever been blacklisted?: Yes, when i started playing AC. Years ago on the past version. I made the mistake of using speedhack

Favourite maps/modes:CTF, DM... I like all small maps. I have low fps, so i can play well on those ones
Favourite weapon(s):smg
Describe yourself as a player in three words: I'm so sexy

Why do you want to join our team?:Well... since i left FEL i have been looking for a competitive and active clan, thats why i joined to BRC, they were the most active clan on AC. Now most of players have left the clan, so here i'm.
rC is an active and competitive clan, also i want to improve myself. I think that rC is a nice place to try
Did any members invite you to apply, or was it your idea?: Humpp, long time ago Marti invited me to a date... I said no.
just kidding, this was my idea
Any extra information you want to tell us: I have a lot of problems with my pc, and recently i have been having fps drops idk why. So please guys be patient. and i'm a really nice person when you know me. (y)

Screenshots showing your skill level:

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#3 RE: app by cannonfodder 17.08.2015 23:05


Hey, good luck with your app =)

#4 RE: app by Rayden 18.08.2015 02:07


Thanks guys =D

#5 RE: app by Vanquish 18.08.2015 02:12

Nice screens, gl!

#6 RE: app by Marti 18.08.2015 14:33


Hola Camilo, mucha suerte

#7 RE: app by Rayden 19.08.2015 02:45


Thank you vanq.
Gracias Marti (y)

#8 RE: app by Rayden 20.08.2015 16:49


#9 RE: app by Hosta 21.08.2015 17:17


Good luck nerdy boy

#10 RE: app by Rayden 22.08.2015 05:08



#11 RE: app by Rayden 22.08.2015 05:11


------> Inters with Mise and Xemi. wp

#12 RE: app by Robaum 22.08.2015 19:57


#13 RE: app by Rayden 22.08.2015 23:30


Thanks Rafa

Some inters with Yopa, Mise and Duff. wp

#14 RE: app by Rayden 23.08.2015 18:18


I had to reinstall my AC, so the quality of pictures has changed... I'll fix it.
Inters with Cannonfodder , Mise and Xemi. We'll improve

well played

#15 RE: app by cannonfodder 23.08.2015 18:58


Yeah, you played well, i didn't because i was exhausted from playing 3h at a pub xD
i'll do better next time =)

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