#1 Hi by Catastrophe 18.10.2015 15:53


Hello guys, I am going to make this brief because I said hi and introduced myself in my app but hello again. U may have seen me at mixes but maybe not I sometimes hang out there. Jawer I <3 those flagruns man they rock and too the rest of the other members ur all nice I cannot tell u y but u will understand soon

Sincere Regards,

#2 RE: Hi by Marti 18.10.2015 16:11


you know normally people do this before they post an app

#3 RE: Hi by Catastrophe 18.10.2015 16:15


Ehh yeah I do know that however I didn't see it prior to my application so um yeah my bad

#4 RE: Hi by Jawer 19.10.2015 17:23


thanks for the flagrun thing, you sure rock too

#5 RE: Hi by Catastrophe 19.10.2015 19:02


Well someone who takes all awards for flag running is amazing

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