#1 Merging by Deluxe 22.11.2015 00:35


Heyho people! Today I am happy to bring you good news, the clan grows 4 members stronger...at once!

How come? To cut a long story short, in both clans .rC and the recently refounded .cS, which were previously already closely connected, the need for more members and activity were evidet. Hence, the idea of a merging was born. Negotiations about how everything should be done were opened. And i can tell you, they were hard and long (for this reason this post gets written so late at night). We concluded that a merging would be easiest if we keep the old .rC infrastructure (forum, clantag, etc.) and the running application as they are. But not everything stayed as it was, with the addition of such a great number of new fighters in it's rank, .rC defintely changed it's face. A lot of .cS - spirit is now part of our mindsets. You can really say we do not just have 4 more members now, but a new squad formed, with some old and some new faces. A new chapter for the .rC sauer squad suddenly started. It's just not very obvious since the .rC - clantag and the forum remain.

We're now looking forward for countless intense battles as well as for great friendships and new experiences in the sauer world.

Let's have a nice welcome for Agalloch, Ignis, Neon and Tool, and a toast on the new .rC : Let's have have a good time!

tl;dr: .rC merges, but stays same, but different, but still same *insert gif here* with 4 new members

#2 RE: Merging by Jawer 22.11.2015 00:59


special thanks to Jawer for bringing up the idea, good job dude!
Nice post Deluxe :P

#3 RE: Merging by Vanquish 22.11.2015 01:13

lol wtf

#4 RE: Merging by Marti 22.11.2015 11:22


Thankyou jawerzinho

Wilkommen babes

#5 RE: Merging by Jorik 22.11.2015 21:08


#6 RE: Merging by Agalloch(real) 23.11.2015 12:11


Thanks to everyone.

#7 RE: Merging by Vanquish 23.11.2015 15:59

Okay, when I first saw this I thought it was a joke, hence the "lol wtf". I've been busy with university the past few days, and will be the coming few days, but (as one of about five different admins who are able to do so) I've activated everyone's forum accounts if they were involved in the merger, as well as allocating proper forum access, now that I realise it's sincere. I'll check ts3 privileges later when I get a free moment.

Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience.

- Vanquish

EDIT: Just to clarify, does this "tool" have a forum account? I can't find him. Everyone else should be alright though!

#8 RE: Merging by Agalloch(real) 23.11.2015 19:04


He does not yet.

He was not able to find web under .tk domain so i redirected him on rising-cubers.eu where he can find original forum. He should register soon.

#9 RE: Merging by Marti 23.11.2015 19:37


His account should be fixed now too

Maybe if you all could post a notification in the sauer priv section we'll know everything worked properly

#10 RE: Merging by Alien 24.11.2015 15:43


Welcome! :p

#11 RE: Merging by Mise 24.11.2015 18:04

welcome to the family

#12 RE: Merging by cannonfodder 24.11.2015 19:04


gj, nice to see neon again in rC.

#13 RE: Merging by Hosta 24.11.2015 20:05


Good job , great addition ( hope so lol )
Great Deluxie

#14 RE: Merging by DarkFire 20.04.2017 02:04


what about me?

#15 RE: Merging by Deluxe 20.04.2017 13:21


maybe soon?

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