#1 Cannibal in or out by Cannibal 20.12.2015 23:55


Hey everybody, firstly i have to say that i never left this clan. Well all start when i hadn't my screen (was broken) so obviously i couldn't play, then people started rumors about me, "Cannibal left the game" "Cannibal joined MyS" "Cannibal left .rC" etc.. all lies. When i returned, .rC was complety dead (many members left) but i wanted to stay into, in this time i was playing with members from MyS and told me about joined them, i said no bc i'm in .rC but Jason wrote to Vanquish about me saying that i left the clan for join in MyS (lie). It's true that i didn't contact with any members from .rC to explain it (me bad) and now ask to whole members if i deserve to be here or not.

PS: Sorry for my english.
PS1: Merry xmas.

#2 RE: Cannibal in or out by Vanquish 21.12.2015 00:10

I'm not in the Sauer team but since I'm slightly involved I'll weigh in here: Jason told me you'd joined, you were listed on their Sauer team on their site, I even saw you (or someone with the name "Satan" from Spain, who I guessed is you) on MyS ts3. I didn't just write a post as soon as I heard a rumour, I passed the information I was given on to Marti, and he told me the clan had collectively decided to remove you. That's why I wrote the post.

I don't know whether or not to believe you but my opinion doesn't matter anyway. You're a nice guy and I hope rC takes you back, merry christmas.

#3 RE: Cannibal in or out by Cannibal 21.12.2015 00:24


Ye i was in their ts3 but talking or just playing mix with them, yes i'm satan in ts3, i'm in their website but they didn't remove me from their member list. thx for your last words i appreciate . you can contact with Jason and he will say to you that i never said i wanted left .rC for join MyS

#4 RE: Cannibal in or out by Agalloch(real) 21.12.2015 07:06


I should not participate in this post bcus am new In rc. But to be honest. I never saw you wearing tag.

I anyway would be happy to have one more mate around. Especially the active one.

Heeeeellloooooo Caniiiiiii

#5 RE: Cannibal in or out by Marti 21.12.2015 12:46


y u in mys ts but not rc ts :p

#6 RE: Cannibal in or out by Jawer 21.12.2015 16:34


Yo aga, he had asked the mods for clantag protection but somehow didn't get it. I remember also asking for him once but they didn't even change it as he was freshly accepted. He is just unlucky there.

#7 RE: Cannibal in or out by Cannibal 21.12.2015 16:46


It doesn't mean that i joined MyS does i? i can go perfectly go in .rC ts3.

#8 RE: Cannibal in or out by Cannibal 21.12.2015 16:48


Hi Aga , as Jawer said i hadn't my verified tag and i will be proud to put into my name

#9 RE: Cannibal in or out by Sm!ley 21.12.2015 19:18


Please don't you consume me when I say welcome Cannibal!

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