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#1 iDani Application by iDani 25.11.2012 00:18

Your in-game name : iDani
Your real name (optional) : Daniel Tamele
Your age : 16
Country and timezone [w] : GMT +1
Can you speak fluent English?: Yes
Previous nicks/aliases : iDani, SuperDani
For how long have you been playing ? About 3 years with 7 months break
Previous clans ? Reason why you left? : {CeW} - died ; =TUF= - too weak ; .45| - it changed and I wanted to get better...
Have you ever been blacklisted ? No
Favourite map/mode and weapon(s) ? ac_werk, ac_douze/CTF, DM/AR
Why do you want to join our team ? I want to improve, I think I have the potencial for it and you guys are very nice
Do you have TS3 and a mic? Yes
Which four members gave you invites to apply? Xemi, yopa, vanquish, Tiesto and I think Marti :P
Any extra information? I never learned a lot of tactic, so I hope I will learn fast and don't suck that much! xD If you want to know anything just ask
Screenshots showing your skill level :
Sorry I only have screenshots with .45| tag is Xemi

#2 RE: iDani Application by Vanquish 25.11.2012 00:20

Holy fuck, nice games, hope to get some with you soon when I get my new headset


#3 RE: iDani Application by 25.11.2012 00:22

Gllllll . Glad to see you have applied . gg's

#4 RE: iDani Application by clpS* 25.11.2012 00:26


Hey iDano welcome here & Good luck

#5 RE: iDani Application by Tiest0 25.11.2012 00:51


Good luck sniper pro ... AR pro !

#6 RE: iDani Application by ShadowFlameZ 25.11.2012 01:38

Ah, so that's the business Mise was discussing with ya eh Xemi?

Impressive screens. GL.

#7 RE: iDani Application by yopa 25.11.2012 01:56


So here u are, eh ;-) Best of luck on ur app bro, and don't be afraid to ask all of us for games :-)

#8 RE: iDani Application by Hosta 25.11.2012 07:59


good luck.

#9 RE: iDani Application by Jorik 25.11.2012 08:36

Good luck with your application!

#10 RE: iDani Application by iDani 25.11.2012 11:00

Ty all

#11 RE: iDani Application by 25.11.2012 11:30

shadowz I was talking to mise about clans in general.

#12 RE: iDani Application by Marti 25.11.2012 11:48


Viel Erfolg!

#13 RE: iDani Application by iDani 25.11.2012 13:24

dank you well

#14 RE: iDani Application by Zadig 25.11.2012 15:51

Good luck Dani

#15 RE: iDani Application by yopa 25.11.2012 21:24


Intras today

U and marti picked ingress against me and xemi... U are a good fragger, as we can see, but we got things to work on Also note that xemi was ill and went to puke for the last 2 minutes... gg

We picked shine to train it... We were leading and had full controll, but in the end u got like 3 flags or smth? And if the game was 10 sec longer u would've made it tie on frags... nice game

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