#1 Mise2.0 by Mise 11.01.2016 20:53

Your in game name (and any aliases used in the past): Mise, Rush
Your real name (optional): Shree
Age: 18
Country and timezone: GMT+0
Can you speak English?: not fluently
Do you have TS3 and a mic?: yes

How long have you played AssaultCube for?: 3-4 years
Clan history (and reasons why you left): .45, BoB, MyS, .rC
Have you ever been blacklisted?: no

Favourite maps/modes: ctf @ ac_desert3, ac_gothic
Favourite weapon(s): AR
Describe yourself as a player in three words: marti carries me

Why do you want to join our team?: nothing like rC
Did any members invite you to apply, or was it your idea?: No one invited me, it was my idea
Any extra information you want to tell us: I apologize for leaving, hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me and love me again I am on teamspeak if any of you want to talk to me

#2 RE: Mise2.0 by Vanquish 11.01.2016 21:47

Isn't this 3.0?

Anyway there's no bad feelings on my end at least, hopefully we can make a decision quickly. GL

#3 RE: Mise2.0 by Mise 11.01.2016 22:20

cheers david

#4 RE: Mise2.0 by Marti 11.01.2016 22:54


fluent english is a requirement soz

#5 RE: Mise2.0 by Mise 11.01.2016 23:19

swahili is the way

#6 RE: Mise2.0 by quico 12.01.2016 20:58


lol, did u leave .rC? xD

#7 RE: Mise2.0 by Mise 13.01.2016 14:31


#8 RE: Mise2.0 by ShadowFlameZ 13.01.2016 15:56


#9 RE: Mise2.0 by quico 13.01.2016 16:09


why do u apply then?

#10 RE: Mise2.0 by Mise 13.01.2016 18:19

Because rc means that much to me

#11 RE: Mise2.0 by quico 13.01.2016 21:05


lol. I'm lost. You should connect to the ts3 I want to play with you xD

#12 RE: Mise2.0 by Mise 13.02.2016 05:56


#13 RE: Mise2.0 by Mise 17.02.2016 18:10

would like to remove my application, thanks for everything

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