#1 ts3 server by quico 05.03.2016 23:14


Heyyaaa, is ur ts3 server down ???

#2 RE: ts3 server by Marti 05.03.2016 23:40



#3 RE: ts3 server by quico 06.03.2016 15:07


Is there any reason? Are you going to get it back?

#4 RE: ts3 server by quico 13.03.2016 10:47


what happens here??? I miss you boizzzzzzzzzz!

#5 RE: ts3 server by Deluxe 13.03.2016 11:18


#rc @ irc.gamesurge.net

#6 RE: ts3 server by quico 13.03.2016 14:15


what irc client can I use for connect there?

#7 RE: ts3 server by Vanquish 13.03.2016 19:04

hexchat, icechat, webchat, if I remember correctly there was some irc client that had "kiwi" in the name too? haven't used irc in a while, sorry.

as for the ts server it's down, I have no personal intention of renewing it because everyone's generally too inactive for us to need our own server (myself included), and I'm happy to use BC's when I come online during the holidays. if rC still want their own server for whatever reason I'd set it back up again but they'd have to wait until next sunday at the earliest because I have exams pretty much every single day next week and can't really spare the time.

#8 RE: ts3 server by quico 13.03.2016 20:51


oh okey, thanks for tell me the reason vanq. Good luck with ur exams :P

#9 RE: ts3 server by Vanquish 15.03.2016 15:27


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