#1 vs aNy. (2-0) by yopa 25.08.2012 17:33


.rC| : Rifl3, Marti/Vanquish
aNy. : Robaum, Million

Their pick: ctf @ ac_desert3

Marti had to go for dinner in the middle of the game when it was 5-2 or smth... so van subbed him... We're winning by frags, because Marti had 1 flag + 12 frags, and the noob forgot how to /benchme ... Closer than we would've liked it to be :/

Our pick: ctf @ ac_shine

Started kinda bad here to, but did great and pulled it back without any problems.

GGs aNy and rC!!

#2 RE: vs aNy. (2-0) by Million 25.08.2012 18:25

Erf I think that I've to train a bit more to win you

I think tyat Purple Ill want to play you with Robaum :P

Anyway GG ! (Vanquish saved you for the first game no ? )

#3 RE: vs aNy. (2-0) by Vanquish 25.08.2012 18:28

You played well, it's nice

Thanks but I didn't do so well, I'd woken up an hour ago and it was my first game. Nice match anyway, and will be fun to play vs Purple too

#4 RE: vs aNy. (2-0) by 25.08.2012 19:20

Good Game GUYS! nice thanks for this game

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