#1 Morry App by Morrigan 17.07.2016 21:17


Your in game name (and any aliases used in the past): Morry, Phoenix.94, BirDie and some others, do not even remember
Your real name (optional): Dmitry
Age: 22
Country and timezone: Russia, GMT+4
Can you speak English?: Text - yes, Voice - only about\in game, plus my pronounce sucks in most cases
Tho i will learn if u really need it, guess it will take like an month or two
Do you have TS3 and a mic?: Yeah

How long have you played AssaultCube for?: Started in 2010, 6+ years now
Clan history (and reasons why you left):
{CoE} - Only Fred was there, and he didnt played clan wars seriously, so i wanted to improve and left
sCr3w \ rA - meet there Sveark and we decided to create our little clan, failed :/
=MyS= - fuck it
Have you ever been blacklisted?: only at ESP servers, still blacklisted

Favourite maps/modes: d3/sunset ctf, douze dm/surv, gemas from time to time
Favourite weapon(s): Knife, SMG
Describe yourself as a player in three words: I am Morry. (3 words right?)

Why do you want to join our team?: Sexy tag, good people
Did any members invite you to apply, or was it your idea?: Im drunk and gonna apply
Any extra information you want to tell us: No, im so shy

Screenshots showing your skill level: http://i.imgur.com/jOzECNU.png

#2 RE: Morry App by Marti 17.07.2016 21:51


Quote: Morrigan wrote in post #1

Did any members invite you to apply, or was it your idea?: Im drunk and gonna apply

best reason


#3 RE: Morry App by Hostaa 17.07.2016 23:01

Good luck m8

#4 RE: Morry App by Morrigan 17.07.2016 23:09


thx guys

btw i have to post screens etc, or no one gives a fck about them ?

#5 RE: Morry App by xemi 18.07.2016 01:04

Hey man, good luck! Screenshots are recommended but as long as your active and try to get as much games as you can with us it shouldn't be a huge deal if you don't post them or at least imo. You definitely have the skill to join us in my opinion, for me it would just be getting to know ya as a person.

#6 RE: Morry App by quico 18.07.2016 10:21


Good luck morry!

#7 RE: Morry App by zuk 18.07.2016 15:00


Good Luck , Morry!

#8 RE: Morry App by DamDam 18.07.2016 22:45


Not sure if it's been made clear but, applications are taken individually and will be accepted or denied as an individual. If the main reason why you would want to join includes Mise joining aswell as a condition, then I suggest you re-evaluate your application as an individual.

Do you really want to join our clan ? Or are you and Mise looking for a clan you could join together?

With that being said, good luck for your app Morry

#9 RE: Morry App by Morrigan 18.09.2016 22:00


sry guys, but i'd like to withdraw my app
i'm not really interested in playing competitive ac anymore, i just play it from time to time, and to be honest, 2 months gone, if u are still not sure - no point to waste more of ur and my time
thx and cya

#10 RE: Morry App by Mise 18.09.2016 22:34

this is so sad ffs

#11 RE: Morry App by xemi 19.09.2016 00:31

Yeah we should have came to a decision a lot sooner, I agree. Despite you applying for 2 months I feel I never connected to you personally which is a big requirement when it comes to joining a clan like rC. It also sucks that not only is ac inactive atm but so is rC and as of right now we have 3 active members. I truly wish you the best of luck and hope you find what your looking for!

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