#1 zuk app by zuk 18.07.2016 15:22


Your in game name (and any aliases used in the past): zuk
Your real name (optional): Giuseppe Athayde Gutierrez
Age: 17
Country and timezone: Brazil MGT -03:00
Can you speak English?:
Do you have TS3 and a mic?: Yes and Yes

How long have you played AssaultCube for?: started in 2011
Clan history (and reasons why you left): aK|,STK(Failed) and FD*
Have you ever been blacklisted?: Never

Favourite maps/modes: Ingress,Desert3 CTF
Favourite weapon(s): SMG
Describe yourself as a player in three words: teamwork, flagging, pusher

Why do you want to join our team?: many good players and great friendships and good clan
Did any members invite you to apply, or was it your idea?: my idea
Any extra information you want to tell us: No

Screenshots showing your skill level:

#2 RE: zuk app by xemi 18.07.2016 17:27

Good luck!

#3 RE: zuk app by Hostaa 18.07.2016 17:44

Good luck !

#4 RE: zuk app by zuk 22.07.2016 19:54



#5 RE: zuk app by xemi 04.09.2016 14:37

Hi Zuk, we have decided to deny your application. We are a clan built not only on skill but more importantly friendship and as much as we understand how difficult it is to learn another language, it makes it extremely difficult to really get to know you. Also, it's important to keep your application active by posting screenshots or just keeping us updated. We really wish you the best of luck in your Assaultcube career! You are a really friendly person and I doubt you will have too much of a problem finding a clan that suits you better!

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