#1 vs |oNe| (0-2) by Vanquish 23.12.2012 22:33


Xemi refused to post this, so I'll do it for him.

.rC|: Xemi, iDani
|oNe|: larry, Xenon



ggs, post next time pls

#2 RE: vs |oNe| (0-2) by yopa 23.12.2012 23:33


Is it a cm when they play without the tag?

anyways ggs... will get them next time

#3 RE: vs |oNe| (0-2) by 23.12.2012 23:44

THats what I said yopa I even said to xenon in the beginning its for fun and they said they will post and we dont if we dont want.

#4 RE: vs |oNe| (0-2) by yopa 23.12.2012 23:52


So if u agreed before the game + not wearing any tag = no clan match? Or have I misunderstood everything?
If it really was a cm they should at least told u to wear the tag

#5 RE: vs |oNe| (0-2) by Vanquish 24.12.2012 00:45


They asked rC for a cm, they posted the cm as being vs rC, and the two players were from rC.

In my book that counts as a clanmatch.

#6 RE: vs |oNe| (0-2) by 24.12.2012 00:56

No they asked for a 2v2, larry asked I remember and I was like for fun yes, in my book a fun match and tham accepting it isnt a clanmatch

#7 RE: vs |oNe| (0-2) by Hosta 24.12.2012 10:56


just edit it and say "for fun" or idk.
Really that doesn't have so much importance that's a match and you lost. Anyway you did a really nice match , so close when I see the screenies.
Gj ! You'll do better next time ;-)

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