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#1 app by champo 27.10.2016 17:13

Your in game name (and any aliases used in the past): champo, sapphire, and !
(i've used some other aliases as well but i forget, these are the main ones tho)
Country and timezone: USA (central)
Can you speak English?: yeah
Do you have TS3 and a mic?: did recovery on my laptop last night but i can download ts again
How long have you played AssaultCube for?: started in the summer-ish of 2015
Clan history (and reasons why you left): DnC- ac was inactive and i left for some time,
tbh i thought i was done but i play whenever i have some spare time
Have you ever been blacklisted?: nah
Favourite maps/modes: ctf
Favourite weapon(s): smg (i like practicing sniper from time to time though)
Describe yourself as a player in three words: calm, observing, humorous (idk haha)
Why do you want to join our team?: tbh i think i improved alot from when i first started and
i wanna get better + everyone here seems nice & also vanqie is bedt
Did any members invite you to apply, or was it your idea?: i talked about it with some so i actually decided to go for it
Any extra information you want to tell us: not much, just hmu if you have any questions or anything but yeah thanks for reading

Screenshots showing your skill level: i'll take some from when i play now

#2 RE: app by Marti 27.10.2016 18:03


Good luck!

Oh and yeah get TS, we are either on ( or or woop ts (

#3 RE: app by DamDam 27.10.2016 20:41


Good luck for your app!

#4 RE: app by xemi 27.10.2016 20:45

Good luck

#5 RE: app by champo 28.10.2016 00:45

thanks everyone

#6 RE: app by Mise 28.10.2016 14:34

good luck b - you'll need it hehe xd

#7 RE: app by Vanquish 29.10.2016 02:03

GL, ggs today!

#8 RE: app by Hostaa 30.10.2016 08:46

I didn't see any banter here :'(

Good luck champ

#9 RE: app by champo 31.10.2016 00:36

Quote: Hostaa wrote in post #8
I didn't see any banter here :'(

haha i'll try to think of some witty banter

but thanks a lot guys. i'll be on more this week to play hopefully so yea ill upload more screenshots.

some games from yesterday night

#10 RE: app by Marti 31.10.2016 12:21


You played with 1cap?? Im jealous

#11 RE: app by Hostaa 01.11.2016 09:22

Who's saphire ?

Nice games, good luck !

#12 RE: app by Marti 01.11.2016 11:35


Quote: Hostaa wrote in post #11
Who's saphire ?

Did you fucking read the app?

#13 RE: app by champo 01.11.2016 14:20

Sorry should've been more clear, i borrowed the screenshots from vanquish as i forgot to take them in-game but yea sapphire = me lol

#14 RE: app by Hostaa 02.11.2016 13:29

Oh fuck sorry ! Gr8

#15 RE: app by champo 08.11.2016 03:41

it's been really hard recently for me to get in games, sadly i haven't had much time as i had a lot going on irl which has been quite stressful for me, at the end of this week i have to head out of state for holidays for probably around a month or so which will make me inactive for a pretty long time, i've decided to just close my app for now and reopen once i return and have more time to play, if that's ok, other than that the games i've played here with some people were really good and i hope to play more in the future with you guys hence why i will re-apply once i return, everyone here is awesome from what i experienced and it was really fun the 2-3 days i actually did get to play. i think this is the best thing for me now rather than being completely inactive, sorry for any inconvenience, i hope you understand. if you have any comments or questions or whatever just hmu on ts/skype/sc/pm anything

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