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#16 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die dritten) by Hostaa 30.10.2016 08:43

Quote: Vanquish wrote in post #1

Can you speak English?: Natürlich, ich habe Englisch seit einem Monat gelernt. (yes). I can also speak relatively awful german, swedish and norwegian, and can read (but not speak) danish.

Where is your french baby ? :'(

#17 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die dritten) by Marti 30.10.2016 11:18


Just wondering why you are doing everything in german as I am the only one in the ac squad able to understand it lol

Englisch bitte

#18 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die dritten) by Vanquish 30.10.2016 12:45

Quote: Hostaa wrote in post #16
Where is your french baby ? :'(

Jtm gros pd. Suce ma bite, or sth. J'ai besoin de pratiquer mon francais. :3

Quote: Marti wrote in post #17
Just wondering why you are doing everything in german as I am the only one in the ac squad able to understand it lol

Since you replied in german I thought you wanted me to continue with it, but only writing in english does make more sense indeed, especially since anyone who is actually german and reads my application will probably throw up. EDIT: Surely iDani could understand it no?

Quote: Marti wrote in post #17

Englisch bitte

natürlich, ich fang schon mal an

#19 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die dritten) by Vanquish 01.11.2016 21:50

I've been a very busy boy. Stealing one of zero's screenshots because for some reason I forgot to take one:

We also played a desert3 game after the final game of ac_gothic shown here, and won by a lot, but zero's internet was rectally perforating itself so in the interest of fairness I won't post the screenshot, lol.

I have a week off from university now btw, so plenty of time to play. Will probably be on almost every day, idling on ts and such.

#20 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die dritten) by Marti 01.11.2016 23:21


You're always off from uni afaik. Always drinking qqqqq

#21 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die dritten) by Jawer 02.11.2016 01:15


Good luck mate

Die Dritten = the third ones

#22 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by Vanquish 02.11.2016 12:02

@Jawer: Thanks man! So it should be "die dritte" or smth, my bad. Plurals make my brain fart. Actually now that I come to think of it, I wouldn't have applied when the clan was created so this is technically only my second (die zweite?) reapplication, but would be my third time in the clan if reaccepted. :P

@Marti: Who says you can't turn up to your lectures with a hangover?

Played some more games last night btw, two games with Mise vs Zero + Xemi (zero's internet had finished derping) and three inters with rC members/apps (Mise left before I could take the screenshot in the gothic game):

#23 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by C4rma 02.11.2016 22:59


#24 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by Vanquish 04.11.2016 13:22

Lmao dat meme

Some more games from the past few days:

2v2 with Hosta vs Morry + Mise. With ts it could've gone much better, there was a lot of key information that needed to be communicated that simply wasn't able to be done so via binds (which hosta didn't have either). Also I generally don't like making excuses for poor performances but I'd literally been out 5 minutes before we started playing so as such my hands were freezing. Thankfully I warmed up and my performance improved over the course of the 3 games. They picked d3, we picked shine, sunset was tb.

Played a 2v2 with zero vs Pi:

Also subbed ZZ in one of their clanmatches vs Pi:

And played a few assorted inters featuring rC members over the past days:

Far from my best games, but posting to show some activity at least. ggs

#25 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by Vanquish 04.11.2016 21:33

Some more games today, feel like I'm getting back to my old self individually now:

Kinda depressing loss, since we were up 3-0. Third guy on our team didn't really communicate at all so it was hard to keep track of what he was doing, but was a gg.

Mise subbed for the 3rd guy on our team and they picked gothic. Without ts it was pretty hard to make effective calls, and we were tied the whole game. Luckily I managed to score in the last 5 seconds of the game and that pulled us over to a win

Then Marti and I 2v2'd Mise and Patroclus and we used ts. Communication between us was good, and Marti was able to use his sniper effectively on long while I pressured short.

Then zero and I 2v2'd |sYs|, Morry's new clan. Some things could've gone better, but overall I was satisfied with both our team performance, and my individual performance. They picked d3, we picked sunset.


#26 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by Vanquish 06.11.2016 19:48

Played some games with Xemi vs Pi and an inter vs Marti. I swear something is wrong with the aura servers, feels like I drop at least a third of my bullets compared to sveark or xrd servers. The one nice thing about aura servers is that I don't have to upload screenshots and can just link the games via actionfps:

Felt like our teamwork was ok in the Pi games, a little was left to be desired but to their credit I'm pretty sure we underestimated them, individually they're surprisingly strong. ggs. My week free from university ends on Monday, but I will still be around after that to play, just probably not every single day. If I am needed for a specific game or intra or w/e you're planning, feel free to let me know via whatsapp and I'll do what I can to arrange some free time.

#27 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by Vanquish 07.11.2016 19:53

Managed to get a fuck ton of games in last night, and a few today.

Felt like I did alright individually here, but Marti kinda carried the enemy team away to a victory. Not much else could've been done.

A tosok douze game. Mise left in the last minute or something so zero subbed, but we won even with Mise's original score by about 10 frags or so. Had a pretty bad start individually but managed to step it up towards the end.

Then me/marti/xemi 3v3'd undead/mise/zero on gothic, it wasn't really difficult by any definition of the word. Teams were unbalanced af though (imo).

Same teams. This started out as a serious game, but by the 10 minute mark everyone seemed to have given up and was playing whatever random weapon they felt like/teamkilling/etc

Then zero and I 2v2'd Mise and Xemi. They picked desert3, which was a game that got off to a depressing start for us, but luckily we managed to actually pull back to a relatively respectable score. I still feel like I'm slightly rusty holding off people on short side from rvsf, not exactly taking the most advantageous engagements and so on. But the teamwork wasn't really there between us for the most part, the synchronisation was pretty bad and it allowed the enemies to trade kill very easily, effectively nullifying the last guy from our team standing. A lot to work on here.

We picked gothic. Our teamwork was better here, but still very shaky (for instance, Mise doubleflagged towards the end, which should never be possible if we didn't make mistakes). Overall I felt like we got a lucky first flag that propelled us into the lead, and after that the enemy pushes became much more desynchronised and random, allowing us to maintain full map control and therefore the frag lead. They tried changing their setups towards the end, but it was unfortunately very predictable and as such didn't really yield them much.

Then we picked sunset for a tie. Perhaps the most depressing game of the night? Felt like I went through about 2-3 solid minutes of not being able to kill anyone, probably in part due to one of my roommates attempting to stream his shitty lowtier mg2 csgo gameplay on twitch which caused my internet to rectally obliterate itself . Teamwork was also atrocious too, the one flag we got was due to a mistake the enemies made and not really as a result of us playing well - this could very easily have been 4-0 in my opinion.

Some inters today. Fairly unbalanced teams here, although the Bea+ST+ guy was ok:

Perhaps even more unbalanced teams? Was surprised we were able to keep it this close considering the shitty base we had and the frag gap, but considering we were actually leading at one point (?!) it sucks we couldn't hold on to it.

Finally got some teams I liked, but on a map I didn't like, fml

Then myself/undead/zero 3v3'd |sYs| and Zangetsu, their applicant. I had just drunk some preworkout that arrived this morning and my hands were literally shaking inconsolably throughout most of the game. We were losing 1-0 on the first map for the first 13 minutes (seriously) and then somehow managed to score 3 flags in the last 2 minutes. I guess that's a gg?

We picked gothic. Zangetsu disconnected for like 4 minutes in the middle so idk how much you want to read into this game, but here it is.


edit: Thanks to zero for telling me I posted the same screenshot twice, should now be fixed.

#28 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by Vanquish 07.11.2016 23:17

Played a 2v2 with Mise vs AS - Bernatix and Feeh. Feeh was cheating his tits off by obviously wallhacking, the prefires are literally like nothing I've ever seen before even in the old By3 days, it made it almost impossible to win 1on1 duels vs him. Despite the difficulties in fragging as a result of this, especially on map #2, I felt like our teamwork and communication was actually great, not conceding a single flag on the first map when we were ahead by 10-ish frags, and actually managing to win swamp with the shitty base and over 20 less frags (yeah this is probably the first game in a year that I've gone negative, dem suicides ftw)

Bonus screenshot of some pubstomping because there doesn't seem to be much else happening tonight.


#29 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by Vanquish 08.11.2016 22:33

First day back at uni today, had a 9am lecture and actually went to it. Unfortunately I was so tired that I got home, took a nap and ended up sleeping through my 1pm lecture. Far too cold to go out and do anything during the evening so played a few games.

Some inters with Marti, Zero + Hosta, and a 2v2 with Marti vs |sYs|.

Me, zero, piotrekmpc (? idk this guy but was told this is his name) vs Marti, Minion, Zangetsu. Thought we would get rekt, but apparently the teams favoured us.

Me, Marti, Hosta vs Morry, Patroclus + m@C. Was hard without ts. desert3 was a bit shaky especially at the start, and a flagbattle that went their way would easily have gone ours had we been able to communicate properly, but it wasn't too bad. Urban was a lot more one sided (and yeah, ignore the fact that I switched my ingame font during the intermission, just wanted a fresh feeling for the second game). Marti was sniping mid, Hosta held short, and I was controlling long. Again, a few slipups that could've been mitigated through the use of teamspeak but it went pretty well overall imo.

Then Marti and I 2v2'd |sYs| (Morry + Patroclus). We were losing ingress 6-1 at the start for reasons I can't articulate now even with the gift of hindsight. Slowly but surely we managed to pull it back to 8-6. Even though we could have done much better, this was actually a great game and boosted our morale a lot for the next game, which was werk. Marti sniped on werk and I pressured a lot with smg, not really sure what to say, but I guess the score speaks for itself.


edit: a word

#30 RE: Bewerbung von Vanquish (die zweite) by xemi 09.11.2016 03:39

The time has come, we have decided to accept your application hopefully for the last time! It is really nice to have you back and now we can play some proper clan matches!

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