#1 vs |AOD| (2-0) by Vanquish 02.01.2013 22:19


.rC|: Vanquish, yopa, Hosta, Tiest0, DamDam
|AOD|: Zadig, Edward, Duff, Patate, Sc0rP

First 5v5 I ever played lol.

They picked depot. I wanted to whore but DamDam wouldn't let me, he was raging like a cow on teamspeak, so I had to push a bit. We got a flag, and had a seven minute flag battle, before I had to sacrifice my amazing score so that my team could get a flag. Thank me later ;3

Well I started glitching so they couldn't find me, it worked well, but the server lagged so everyone was finding it hard to frag. We didn't even get a flag in the end, but we won on frags in the end.

We also played ctf douze for some reason, and I got 99 kills with carbine. these noobs keep stealing my kills, and should stop playing AR and go for carbine instead. ggs

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