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#31 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Vanquish 15.01.2013 15:48

I've been in teams with ragers before (xoxo larry), I have to agree with Pyras when he states that raging makes people play worse, all it does is knock out your focus. You should understand that while Jorik isn't angry at you, AssaultCube is a strange game that can bring out displays of emotion that are meant to stay concealed. This isn't supposed to make you completely amiable towards him of course, but you need to understand that if you're applying to a clan Jorik is a part of, he'll have a say when it comes to your application. Since he hasn't posted yet, I hope he won't mind me saying this. As you say though, he really is a very nice person to get along with, and he doesn't mean to come off as angry (I think/hope). I just hope this won't become too much of an issue, as I'm not too versed tactically but I can still cooperate with him in matches.

Good luck for the rest of the way, and congratz on trial! Hope you make it

#32 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Jorik 15.01.2013 16:29

Oh this went quite drastic I see... Pyras, I can actually understand you in a certain way. I see that you feel attacked because of our game yesterday. It might have seemed a bit like I wanted to attack you, although I didn't plan to do that obviously. I did raise my voice, true, but it wasn't meant for you obviously. It was meant though for the faults that you made a few times in a row, which I couldn't appreciate. It wasn't meant for you personally, but it was meant for what you were doing in the game. I wanted to try to wake you up, as you didn't seem to bother too much about the game. However I'll pay attention to it next time to not raise my voice.

Now the next big point is this one; I think that it's not a smart idea to immediately start saying that you won't play with me without having talked with me about it properly outside the game. I don't think it's a good idea to enter a clan in which is someone that you can't get along with or someone that you don't want to play with. You'd better talk with that person and try to make the best of it I think. I don't think that you thought too well of that post and we will see how this all continues.

#33 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Pyras 15.01.2013 18:30


I have told you several times in TS both during game and after the game. Whether or not you were listening to my repeated suggestion is another story. Yet for consecutive days, nothing changed, hence why I brought it up for discussion. If an issue can not be resolved between individuals, the next logical step is to discuss it with a group. Today however everything was normal. If its like today, I can play with you without any problems at all. I don't want you to think this is personal because it isn't. Like I said, I have nothing against you as a person. I didn't used to play with Sepehr (even though he was my best friend in MyS) when he was in rage mode nor did I play with certain players like Vault. I simply refuse to play with players who rage at others constantly. It is immature, causes a disturbance to others and quite frankly I do not spend the limited free time I have playing my favorite game only to hear someone shouting all the time.

I also wouldn't have brought up this issue if I didn't think it could be resolved. I am bringing up this issue precisely because in my opinion, it can be resolved and because if it is resolved, I would have nobody that I would "not want to play with in rC". And I assure you, I have thought this through carefully. So much so, that like I said, if .rC| feels it is necessary they can f2 my apply.

I make mistakes because I am new to this game. I am focused in game, but not when someone is yelling into the mic all the time. Like anything else it takes time and repetition to get good at AC. I am given tips, some of which I can digest and apply immediately, others which takes much more time and practice to execute smoothly in a match. The expectation that I can instantaneously and simultaneously execute everything I hear immediately is obviously unrealistic and unreasonable at best. I am willing to adapt, just maybe we can discuss errors after the game instead of during. All I am asking is for this common courtesy. And on my part, I will directly relay my suggestions to you from now on, however repeatedly, if that is what you prefer.

I apologize if any of this comes off as "drastic" even though that was not my intention. Sorry for any trouble.

#34 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by yopa 15.01.2013 18:56


Quote: PYR@S* wrote in post #33
just maybe we can discuss errors after the game instead of during.


Raging is not cool... it takes all the confidence away from the player... Myself, I hate playing with people raging (even if it's not at me), cus it makes me feel like everything is my fault, and the rager is doing everything right... (which usually is not the case)

#35 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Pyras 16.01.2013 05:24


I agree yopa. I will however admit that in Jorik's case he is rarely wrong when he calls mistake in game simply because he is an extremely experienced and intelligent player. There is a lot that Jorik can teach to help us improve. I would just like the discussion to take place after the game instead of during.

#36 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Pyras 16.01.2013 05:25


I'm on my phone atm but ill post recent ss later

#37 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Pyras 17.01.2013 14:03


2-0 WIN vs. {BoB}

~A bit old and I could have played much better and made many dumb mistakes, but ggs I guess.

#38 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Shorty 17.01.2013 14:48

Be careful what you say Pyras, especially about raging, i brang this up during my apply and got my head bitten off, so just be careful

Gl Pyras!

#39 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Vanquish 17.01.2013 15:26

I won't lie, gothic looked like a bit of a clusterfuck in general.

I can say though, that on outpost you really did well. It's one of my weakest map/mode combos but you did a great job holding tunnel, the only flags they got were out of clever pushes by them, I don't think either of us 'failed' at all really, except that one time when I was camping in front of Enam just outside of base xD

Overall ggs though, you put yourself down too much :P

#40 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Vanquish 17.01.2013 18:18

GGs, really well played

#41 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Pyras 17.01.2013 18:45


thanks shorty

Vanquish carried me, but ggs. I think I can still do better which is why its a bit frustrating. I think there were definitely times when I was in MyS (esp with old computer) when I had heavier frags than currently, which is disappointing. I am supposed to be moving forward always, but sometimes I go backwards. My main issue is of course my spotty teamwork, but also my fragging. I can only frag strongly like I used to once a week on my uncle's computer where I get insane fps and a beautiful screen. When I switch back to my usual computer I can feel the dramatic decrease in fragging, most likely due to my small screen size. I will probably get a desktop later this year so I think that will help restore my aim a bit.

My hope is that in 1.2 I can frag a bit better. I think my SMG in 1.2 is slightly stronger than my AR in 1.1. When I first started playing AC I started with the SMG when I used to play with RaMb0 so I was always looking for a gun that is somewhere in the middle between SMG and AR in 1.1. I think the SMG in 1.2 is much closer to my ideal which is why I think I can do a bit more with it. Fragging is not everything as TW is more important, but if you can frag strongly there is a lot more you can do I think during your push compared to if you are fragging weaker.

I guess we will see, but hopefully the version change will happen soon because personally I love 1.2. People say it is kind of similar to 1.0 or the whatever version of AC that everyone seemed to love so I wonder if AC will become a bit more active compared to now (which would be fun as that means more matches and games)

#42 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Vanquish 18.01.2013 16:25

2-0 win vs +AUS+ (Xenon and Vermi), ggs! We played on 1.2.

Gothic was quite easy and we controlled it from the start. Desert3 was a lot harder, particularly as they insisted we switch to a fucking NZ server. Well it didn't seem to help much, as we won too, ggs!
I can say especially that on desert3 you played amazingly!

#43 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Vanquish 18.01.2013 16:27

^Forgot to add, the screenshot glitched, and that was the intermission, for some reason my /cockdisplay command is messed up.

EDIT: i obviously mean "clockdisplay", thanks xenon for pointing it out xD

#44 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by Pyras 19.01.2013 06:08


sorry for my bad performance against bob. To be honest, I never really liked 1.1 because it feels too late to catch up to everyone else. I'll still play the current version because everyone else in this clan still does and I like playing with friends, but I feel like what I can do is very limited.

In 1.2 I hope I am reaching my potential more. I hope me and vanboob will become a strong team

#45 RE: The Application of Pyras The Great. by ShadowFlameZ 20.01.2013 00:20

Lol "vanboob"

Keep it up lad

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