#1 vs LC (2-1) by Vanquish 26.08.2012 20:59

.rC|: DamDam, Vanquish, Tiest0
|#LC*|: ReDBuLL, Honor, m@C

First pick was theirs, CTF gothic. We weren't warm, but we did ok.

Second pick was ours, CTF outpost. I would like to thank Honor for his fairplay in dropping a flag he got while DamDam lagged out. DamDam stop lagging :>

Tiebreak was CTF shine. This was fucking close, DamDam is mvp.

Really close but really nice win! GGs team, undefeated so far. Let's keep it up

#2 RE: vs LC (2-1) by yopa 26.08.2012 21:04


GG! Still need some improvement, but this is a great win

#3 RE: vs LC (2-1) by Vanquish 26.08.2012 21:07

Improvement comes with time. In outpost particularly, we played too aggressively. Shine was nice, but I think the only thing we could improve majorly was our fragging. ggs anyway, a close win is still a win

#4 RE: vs LC (2-1) by m@C 26.08.2012 22:34


everything ok but you were not fair, when Honor lag out and you had our flag.

#5 RE: vs LC (2-1) by Vanquish 26.08.2012 22:38

I know what you mean, but Redbull had spawned to sub in for him. Redbull spawned and teamkilled Honor from tunnel side of CLA base(who was somewhat lagging in and out of the game, not being able to move) while DamDam escaped mid. I had no problem with us dropping, I actually wanted to restart the match. Anyway, outpost was a weird and laggy game for both sides; hopefully we'll play some nicer games in the future.

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