#1 vs. {BoB} (0 - 2) by yopa 01.04.2013 21:10


.rC| : Marti, yopa
BoB : Haittah, Jonux

We had like no idea what to pick, and marti told me to pick w/e I preferred, as long as it's not d3... And I felt like playing shine... We did well in periods, but we're both very rusty.

We expected to do a bit better, but along with bad pushing and bad coordination we couldn't do anything else :/

We lost, w/e.. Was nice to finally play a clan match again
Ty for the games, and gg BoB

#2 RE: vs. {BoB} (0 - 2) by Marti 01.04.2013 21:27


shouldve won shine, we had a bad last 45 secs...

without lag i'd do better. ah well


#3 RE: vs. {BoB} (0 - 2) by Vanquish 01.04.2013 21:33


Sad games, nice to see some of us still active anyway

#4 RE: vs. {BoB} (0 - 2) by yopa 01.04.2013 21:43


Nah, not sad... I actually found them funny.. Probably because I haven't played a good match in a while

#5 RE: vs. {BoB} (0 - 2) by Marti 02.04.2013 17:31


Wasn't really nice imo :p

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