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#16 RE: Hello :) by Tiest0 28.08.2012 18:28


Who are you ?

Joking, good luck. x')

#17 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 28.08.2012 19:32

hahah thanks rifl3 and clps

#18 RE: Hello :) by Hosta 28.08.2012 19:51


Hey bitch , I wish you good luck if you promise to give me a blowjob <3

#19 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 29.08.2012 17:51

I have some problem i cant use our home internet it keeps falling out so I have to use my personal hotspot (phone internet) so its not the bets but it works
sorry and thanks! ;D

#20 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 30.08.2012 17:10

I played games with yopa, marti and robtics today.
Shit lag, allI can say

thei pick:

our pick:


Thanks for the games and GGs! also sorry fo rhte lag

#21 RE: Hello :) by Marti 30.08.2012 18:11


lol ggs,

tbh Robtics lag was even worse than yours, he was warping every 2 seconds

#22 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 30.08.2012 19:06

I'll try my best to fix this lag somehow, dunno if it'll work or not, but I also hope it won't make a big impact on my application :/ because that wouldn't be nice xD

#23 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 30.08.2012 21:25


It's fine, playing vs you today my hitreg felt slightly worse, but in CM's that will only affect the enemy and not us so I don't care. I remember you lagged worse when you were apping to aG anyway and people dealt with it, so really I don't care.

gg today, your smg + sniper is quite good atm actually, but remember to keep training your AR, as it's the most powerful weapon in the game when used correctly

#24 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 31.08.2012 09:12

Ye but i was just playing sniper for fun and wanted to try smg ill train my ar

#25 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 31.08.2012 14:03


Okay, that's cool to hear. We sometimes train sniper by playing on the headshot only server, which can be fun. It's cool you can play with different weapons though - most of us can handle at least two weapons decently, which is a pretty cool thing.

But keep training! I'll be on TS3 if you want a match/1v1 or something, I need to test my new settings too

#26 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 31.08.2012 16:21

Ok so I played a very bad inter today vs bunny and 2 w00ps

our pick (or strikers)

Not good game for me lagged and sucked

their pick

Not good game for me lagged and sucked

Sorry for how much I sucked was a very bad game, they were also my first games today.

#27 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 31.08.2012 16:30


ggs, lol @ Horus's ratio both rounds

I think your smg accuracy could use some work. :P

#28 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 31.08.2012 17:11

I didnt play smg in any of those 2 games i only played for fun before just running and shooting with smg AR and sniper like everytime

#29 RE: Hello :) by Tiest0 31.08.2012 17:17


Please, never let me play when I woke up. haha (:

#30 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 31.08.2012 17:47

haha but you still did better thna me :/ I'm sorry

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