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#31 RE: Hello :) by Marti 31.08.2012 22:31


U know theres this thing called accuracyreset?

#32 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 01.09.2012 08:22

Ye and what about it?

#33 RE: Hello :) by Marti 01.09.2012 11:19


use it before every match u play so ur accuracy resets and u dont get all the random jumping to ruin ur accuracy

#34 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 01.09.2012 12:24

How can you reset it?

#35 RE: Hello :) by Marti 01.09.2012 12:33



#36 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 01.09.2012 15:32

Thanks! Will use it next time

#37 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 02.09.2012 15:18

Some games from the past 2-3 days

#38 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 02.09.2012 20:07

ggs, try to work on your AR accuracy. it isn't bad, but it could be better.

nice to see you improving every day anyway

#39 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 02.09.2012 21:13

Ye I know my aim isnt that good but in some games because of my lag i could t hit the people so that ruined my acc a bit but now my internet is getting better because as i told you before I'm moving around our router to get better conection and as you said it was getting better so I hope it will be good soon

#40 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 02.09.2012 21:24

Also I notice when you were spectating my 1v1 with Friteq, you said something along the lines of: "Vanq your mouse is so stable, mine jitters around so much". Investing in a good mouse (if you can afford it) is a great way to improve your aim. If your mouse is already decent then you should try playing around with a sensitivity that feels comfortable, I played on sensitivity 17 for months and only realised that lower sensitivies were more comfortable when I experimented.

For example, here's my mouse set up:

1675dpi/3200dcpi modifier, 1000Hz polling rate, 30% exact-lift aim, 10% exact-sens aim @ sensitivity 0.58.

If you have WIndows, it's also worth downloading MarkC's Mouse Acceleration fix, this fixes the "randomness" at which your mouse pointer can jitter around sometimes. You can DL it HERE.

Other commands that help me aim are:
./smoothmove 72
./fov 111
./smoothdist 10

Have a play about and see what works best for you.

#41 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 03.09.2012 06:36

Thanks a lot!

#42 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 07.09.2012 21:44

Well we found the time to play one game today, vs our applicant Alireza and my fellow brit Enam. I must say alert, you've improved quite a bit. Your aim is nice, however your knowledge of teamwork is basic, which is fine for playing vs weaker opponents, but against strong teams such as LC you need some work (it's ok, so do I). Playing in TS3 with DamDam will rack it into your head, don't worry. So F1 for trial.

#43 RE: Hello :) by _DogNut 08.09.2012 07:56

Yay thanks :p
Btw could explain what exactly i should improve? Or like overall teamwork?

#44 RE: Hello :) by Vanquish 08.09.2012 11:04

Actually I think I phrased that wrongly - your teamwork seems fine, what I meant was your map movement. Again it was fine on gothic, on desert3 though I noticed you'd push a lot, perhaps too much without securing base first. We still won so I don't see it as a major problem but as a general rule, long side of d3 plays very defensively, just so you know :P

#45 RE: Hello :) by Alireza 08.09.2012 11:57


GGs Alert , Vanquish.

I hope when my lag fixed we play another game that i can kill someone!
I don't want to cry. You did nice guys. Good Job!

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